Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear Comrades in Russia...

Dear Russian guests , I'd sure be honored if you would briefly tell me "how"you "happened" upon this "site" ? What post were you most interested in ? Are you Male or Female ? Are you Russian ? If you would like your response deleted , just say so and it will be deleted . Thanks for passin' thru'....journey well......"Comrade" ....Karl.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Over 500 Page views ..".AND" ?

I was wondering if all the page views were from concerned readers or "Gangstalkers" . You DON'T have to comment if you are fearful of "Big Brother" but , I Really would appreciate it , if you feel like it , to leave a comment and if you request it to be removed after I read it , I'll honor that request , thanks beforehand , sincerely . Karl.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Right here ,Right NOW ! ..The POWERS that Be ARE MONITORING ME !

As I reviewed my last post , I "stopped the Earth" and looked at the "RED" dots on the globe . They show up as hits or views all at the same time! No problem with that . It's the location of those "REDS" that's got me ALERT . There's one in Nashville , Frankfort , Indianapolis , Kansas/ Missouri state line , Chicago and Los Angeles . The FBI's in Indy , Tims dad is in Kansas / Missouri state line , Nashville could be the FBI or a friend of Tim's , Frankfort is Kentucky state government , The Syndicated Mafia / Mob in Chicago and Los Angeles has all kind of "secret" alphabet government "soup" . I'm not "thumbing my nose" at them , I'm just telling the truth as I know it . I owe it to MY PEOPLE , just as these "viewers" ? Do what they "do"? "Orwell".....stay vigilant..Karl

An Open Letter To Sheriff John Aubrey Jefferson County , KY.

Dear Sir: #1: I've been wondering about your interest in this election . I believe the Courier Journal stated your age to be at 71 , past member US ARMY and FBI and other "SECRET" organizations. You are privileged to attain the age of retirement , when most in this late stage of Earths history , would want to retire and be with their family and do the things they want to do before the "N.W.O. but , not you , Why ? #2: Are you an Oath Keeper ? #3: If you win this election WILL you take that PLEDGE ? #4: Will you join with Oath Keepers Sheriff Mack and Sheriff Tony DeMeo , Nye County , Nevada , in their pledge to protect their Constituents against Constitutional Rights violations ? #5: Will you require your Deputy's to join Oath Keepers ? Associate membership is  just $30 to join , as I'm NOT a member of Law Enforcement but, I intend to join anyways because of the importance to me. #6: Would you DISARM American citizens if and when "Martial Law" is declared  on your watch , as they did to citizens in New Orleans  during Hurricane Katrina , Sheriff Glenn Meredith told me about that when he returned from Louisiana , as he shared a lot with me , God rest his weary soul. #7:  I notice that property taxes are being bought up by a "Mob" syndicate located on Wacker Ave. in Chicago . They are J.P. Morgan / Chase Bank , the "Mafia" that also administers the food stamp program . The same group that George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush have since the early 1900's , have a major interest in , to "disperse" the soon to be illegally foreclosed on , because they don't have the "ORIGINAL NOTES" on the mortgages they sold illegally ? #8: Why would you let your Constituents be set up for Diversity lawsuits in Federal Court because they aren't located in Kentucky , to be extorted for usury on their property taxes . #9: What is the problem between you and Republican Mike Roberts ? #10: The Courier Journal states that he was trying to get financial information from the Sheriffs office and wasn't able to obtain that information , is that true? #11: I also have heard that there is  a personal "grudge" between you two , is that true ? Because the Sheriffs office is WAY to important to be abused for personal "vendettas". There's not much information on Mike Roberts to make an informed decision on his character or goals for the office .# 12:  Do you want to stay in the office for the power it provides ? #13: If Don FitzGerald , who I endorse , is elected , will you "still" be of assistance to the Sheriffs office ? #14: Who were the Sheriffs who came to MY home at 2:38am on the morning of October 10th ,2010 under the "ruse" of an AWOL soldier named Timothy D Kutzberger Jr. and when I call the Sheriffs office with information , I was shunned . As far as Tim Kutzberger goes I'm sure he can be found either living with his mom and dad in Olathe , Kansas or they will definitely know how to find him , he's got a Facebook page and Myspace , you can't tell me you haven't looked there , if your looking HERE! The mother of his child can tell where he can be found , I do believe he really loves his kid and I'm sure he stays in touch .#15: Why is it when I call Fort Knox and Fort Leavenworth , to provide them necessary information on his whereabouts they "just didn't care" , could someone please explain that one to me ? Anyways I'm NOT that stupid , as I know ALL soldiers are now "IMPLANTED" , all the ARMY needs to do is "LOW-JACK"  Mr.KUTZBERGER Jr. , as I've read Charles Schlunds complaint and affidavit in its entirety . So did Tim Jr! Maybe thats where the problem lies , knowing he has been "USED" for a fraudulent war and now he's mentally ill from finding out the truth from me ! One of the Sheriffs , the red headed one , I now recognize as a former L.M.P.D. officer who harassed and threatened me before becoming Sheriff , PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong on that , as I would like to get to the bottom of this "voter intimidation" tactic . your cooperation would be sincerely appreciated , not responding to this inquiry will speak volumes , even if you choose to ignore me , a "CONSTITUENT" even IF I don't vote for you . Yes I do use a screen name , remember George Orwell ? Care who the Green Mountain Boys were ? Care who the REAL   KARL VON SCHMIDT was ? ...journey well ..sincerely Karl

To ALL citizens similarly Situauted....UCC 1-308

All content on this site belongs to the Author , content may be used under the "Fair Use Doctrine" as long as it is not used for commercial purposes or financial gain . Proper attribution MUST be stated whenever used for educational purposes or in the proper defense in a court proceeding . The author may be contacted at the address in the profile section . thank you ALL . Karl ,aka: GreenMtnBoyz .U.S.A All Rights Reserved

Saturday, October 23, 2010

10:50 pm October 2010 the hits keep coming..

Well ,right after posting here comes a Khazar . I look at the stats again and I've got people  in Chicago , Los Angeles and Kansas all looking at my blog at the same time . Coincidence ? Maybe , maybe not but , I'm going to err on the side of caution . Everything is playing out like a spy novel that I didn't get to write and get compensated for ."Orwell" ! To my friends and poeple , I have no family left to speak of , I thank you for reading ( listening to me ) God bless my people and friends .
I'll stay vigilant , as well as you all should to for God , country and family , sincerely , Karl

Here comes a Khazar..1 "Hit" from Russia?

Well , while checking the stats I noticed an "audience" viewer from Russia. That doesn't make me "feel good" , what a coincidence that when I check the bio on Jdg.(?) Charles Simpson , he's all over the map in Russia doing lectures , on what ? Russian law or"American" law ? I know I pissed off ALL my enemies by outing them . I was reading a "diary"(on the internet"?) of Tim Kutzberger Jr.s baby's mama @ .She goes by the nickname Armybrat87 , I highly recommend reading that so you'll get another witness account as to the person known as Timothy David Kutzberger Jr . He was in the Army by her account and I did meet her in Fairdale . Even IF I did collect on my bond claims , in which I think thats what Abramson would try to prevent , I still could not stop a hit on my life , if a "Contract" was made . I have every reason to believe it so , "they" MURDERED" Tommy Haynes in September of 2009 . It was a "CIA style" "hit' , made to look like "natural" causes , because he uncovered the Louisville Area Government Self Insurance Trust , plus , I did call Jerry Abramson a Khazar Criminal to his face at Seneca High School on October 18th 2010. A lot of people don't know about doing "bond" claims against government workers , Tommy Haynes "cracked" the "code" and was MURDERED" for it ! Go to Google and type in the whole words of the "LAGSIT" trust . That's how you get around suing the local government , it's like turning in an insurance claim , they have to acknowledge receipt of the claim in 30 days and either pay the claim or deny it . If they deny a valid claim , they expose themselves to a "BAD FAITH" cause of action which makes the claim worth $1 million upwards . It's all in the wording of the claim also , you have put in the document for the claim ..."Do to an act of local government" when one of the Lou-Evil agents read this they will want to KILL me that much more...THERE ! I got that out there , if I'm killed . At least I know that I might have helped a victim of this "Godless Government" the way to get monetary compensation for government abuse to citizen of Kentuckiana . This also applies to EVERY local ,state and federal agent of the U.S. government . I hope to be back , thank you LORD JESUS  for your Love and Sacrifice and for my family , friends and "PEOPLE"...Amen.     stay vigilant and journey well ...Karl. 

"Dear Diary.....of a MAD Man...("ANGRY for the tard's")

The GREAT thing about this "venue" is it helps the FBI and CIA and other intelligent life forms profile the"blogger". It makes it easy to establish the writers religious beliefs  (FUCK YOU KHAZAR'S) , their political beliefs (yes I'm a DISSIDENT !) , their "creed" ( TRUTH , JUSTICE and the AMERICAN way) their "color"(?) , their economic status , their associations , etc. My friend who is running for sheriff , has been having yard signs being taken , several . There's now DEFINITELY going  to be an investigation into this as it is a FEDERAL crime(although thats arguable in Fed Ct) and I suspected  it was going to happen ,  because of what IS REALLY  AT STAKE for the "POWER ELITE" such as John Aubry . As I commented awhile ago on Ed Springston's Louisville News and Politics . I said that I BELIEVE I could of got the now deceased former FOP President Sheriff Glenn Meredith to "endorse" Don FitzGerald for Jefferson County Sheriff . I also stated that the sheriffs sent to my house at 2:38 am on October 9th ,2010 , under the guise  of Tim Kutzberger being AWOL , what since January 2009 ? , No , it was a clear case of voter intimidation , same as 2 lasers being pointed at Don FitzGerald's HEART on October 7th . Now I don't know much about the 3rd person in the "race" for sheriff , other than he has a personal grudge against Aubry from what Don has told me and the Courier Journal reported . I like being alive but , I am NOT GOING TO REMAIN SILENT TO MY PEOPLE ! , "till DEATH DO WE PART" ! SO , John Aubry , are you going to have me KILLED like THEY killed WILLIAM MILTON COOPER United States Navy (Navel Intelligence Officer) . I may not fight in a subverted military to protect my peoples CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS but , for now until court . This venue is one of my "tools"for me and my peoples "defense" and other people also have MY evidence . Are you going to kill them all too ? To ALL Patriots  I may  have to send out an SOS distress signal if this shit gets to heavy , I hope after 400+ views , there's some "Citizen Soldiers" that would render support . There are now  5 branches of government and they are the executive branch , the legislative , the "judiciary" the BANKS and the "5th Estate". The only time the citizens are safe from the first 3 is when you have a "lame duck" president , the legislature is in "recess", and the court is in recess or adjournment ! The citizens are NEVER safe from a bank and to put on a badge that says news-media , is akin to impersonating an officer , your "Yellow"and treasonous ! how many of you are knowingly and unknowingly practicing the "Kol Nidre"Oath ? In the words of James Von Brunn United States Navy , "Tobe Shebbe Goyim Harog" !..stay vigilant ...Karl..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

To my readers.. and the "Pollution of "Yellow" journal-ism"

I apologize , I didn't get my "Golden" document today as hoped , I was told "1st of next week" (Oct. 25th ?) .But, believe me when I get "it", I WILL be uploading "it' for your alls "defense" as well as deserved knowledge . I know that I'll be rambling to some "strangers" stopping in but , to my "Dear Readers" you'll understand in a while . I sat in today on Karen Syphers press conference , the press for the most part want to attach a "Scarlet Letter" on her and put her in the "dunking chair" to see "if" she's a witch . As Jim Faller said"the truth about Rick Pitino , Tim Sypher , Dana Kolter(atty) and (ex) Lt. Governor Steve Pence WILL come out . If you go to , you will get some background on Jim Faller and on , which is a LOT like "CCC" but without the cuss words . There's politics everywhere a group of like minded people gather , it's only natural . I have been informed by very reliable sources that I'm being monitored by the CIA and OF COURSE, I expect people to say "he's crazy , what would the CIA want with this nobody and I say to them "How do you know me and WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME "FACTUALLY"? I'm NOT going to "share" ALL my knowledge for nothing and especially to someone who "REALLY" doesn't give a "S#@T about me or my people . I was a "fly on the wall" today as the "reporters"(?) grilled Jim Faller and attorney David Nolan (Ofc of Spl Council on Ethics for the White House) . The process during a court proceeding where you gather facts and evidence for your case, is called "discovery", for you people that have never been through this process . The evidence of judicial misconduct and court conspiracy they uncovered just in the last 2 weeks or so is voluminous and very incriminating to the "justice system" AND their "BOUGHT NEWS MEDIA" as I've learned and recorded from court security and US Marshals . I'm not worried about someone stealing my material stuff ,I'm worried about something happening to my evidence , since I've had to hide it away from my "dwelling". Now as I've confronted Jerry Abramson at Seneca High School on Monday "Mayors Night Out"(Oct. 19th) about turning in my "Bond Claims" to the Louisville Area Government Self Insurance Trust for $27.5 million . Jeffersonville/Clark County will be held accountable for $1 million for unlawful imprisonment . Fjairy(a typo!) Abramson acted like he didn't know what the LAGSIT trust was , even though he helped AUTHOR it , he is after all a thieving "lawyer"....thats all for now my concerned readers(my people)  "ABOLISH THIS GOVERNMENT .. FOR THIS GOVERNMENT this election.....I believe that the DemocRATS and  RePUGnant ones are NOT the answer this election , give them the" 3rd Finger", I believe the Independents should be given a chance to see what they can do !...stay vigilant and journey well ...sincerely... Karl

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In The INTERST OF JUSTICE for KAREN SYPHER ......'the middle of the "perfect shitstorm"

Thanks for stopping in to "check up" whats going on in my life , I hope to write a book to take this to the next level and  probably a "Hunter S Thompson"/"Gonzo Journalism" type sort of read . Probably if you've read all I've posted here , "it's lookin' to be the " means to a way to an end" ..A demise to my publishing life  , rights and career , for testifying to  you all that I have studied and proven , that all these cases as "prima fascia" cases against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , INC. LLC - UCC -USC- CFR-NRO-FBI-F.C.C.-U.S.MARSHALL'S-U.S.ARMY-JEFFERSON COUNTY SHERIFFS-L.M.P.D-ALL JEFFERSON COUNTY JUDGES (except the following Honorable Judges Virginia Whittinghill ,Honorable Joan Byer , and Honorable Stephen Ryan) and any and all subsidiaries and "quasi"-"tri"?-"bi"-"FUCK's" . The following cases I have proven over a period , from 1997 when "I WENT ONLINE", till now , with "do diligence and "gumshoe investigation" , that the story the "feds"(?) have on  Karen Sypher "IS" wrong , you'll hear the truth from her now about "the "racket" at the "federal (?) "courthouse" beginning tomorrow on out , if they don't  execute her "C.I.A. style" before then , if Jim Faller gives me permission , I'd like to share with you , the way I know , about the integrity , of this honorable man of the people , who speaks facts and TRUTH ! , that helps when the "real" victims of the "( sovereign power "corporate "elite") get abused a second time around , by the judiciary....Jim Faller is with/on U.S. Justice , (the news portrays him as a lawyer , (he's not  , he's better) , just because  , he shows up to turn in paperwork regarding Ms. Sypher( gonna help her get rid of that Sypher appendix asap !)..I highly recommend reading US Justice , Kentucky citizens( really EVERYBODY !) .The case Karen has against PITINO AND  TIM SYPHER AND DANA KOLTER AND JIM EARHART , ALL ARE "PRIMA FASCIA " CASES .  The case of Charles August Schlund III( U.S.M.C.)(deceased January 2010)  VS George W. Bush  , Please , read the Federal "complaint and affidavit A.S.A.P , as I intend on expounding on these cases and more , IT "IS", whatever definition of "Clinton's" you choose to use , or the "real" one , ARE  PRIMA FASCIA CASES , the cases I've pursued  are all "Bona Fide". The Daniel Cobble cases are "bona fide", I don't think he realizes the type of case he has , is a "Whistle blower" case , against BEN BERNANKE AND GEORGE W. BUSH ( the ROTHSCHILD-KHAZAR-LUCIFERIAN..."can't prove he ain't , can't he ! )  , Please read the Federal complaint that's part of why he has a $557 + Million  lien against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , INC LLC". Tomorrow , "Hope to God" , to post something "Golden" to me , , some thing I've been trying to get and post for 10+ years  , if you want to get a better idea where I'm coming  from and going with all  this , please read .Skolnick's . I recommend recording "ALL that "EVIDENCE" should you find yourself in a "FEDERAL(?) "COURT" ."don't be surprised if the government uses the ILLEGAL , STATES SECRETS defense!...I mean right now , at 11:30 pm on Channel 11 on "Nightline , there talking about corrupt STATE government here "Lobby-ing and "Partying..."BOPTROT STYLE" EVERY  DAY !..AND JACK ("CON-ur-Way) CONWAY , you are transparent government , your a "FUCK N" LOW LIFE, too! ...I know about you too !  .....  stay vigilant and  journey well my "Christ" like friends out for the "devils"..AND DEVILS , "STAY THE FUCK OUT of HERE! KHAZAR'S , TOO!.."ya know what I'm talk n' bout"...Karl

Monday, October 18, 2010

In the Interest of Justice for Daniel Cobble

Daniel Cobble (United States Navy Veteran) a man who swore to protect the Constitution with his LIFE. Now if you go to "" where I uploaded some of his documents , you'll see some of what he relates as to being "informed" of a "conspiracy" to have him "murdered by the "Power Elite".Daniel Cobble "pissed" the "court" off by "tarring the steps of the Gene Snyder court" because they will not let him "litigate" his "prima fascia" cases under the Constitutional Rights he defended for country and citizen . I've the distinct honor to become friends with this honorable man . I sat with him at his table during the "Kangaroo Trial" he had ,whereupon he was convicted by a "retarded" jury of "peers" , bullshit ! Charles Simpson as I said is a tyrant and if he is in "on the know " of this plan to murder Daniel Cobble , well then he's worse than a tyrant ! Daniel Cobble has a $557 million dollar "lien" against the United States , through a "Perfected" Federal Tort Claim for unlawful imprisonment and Constitutional Rights violations.The government WILL have to address this claim AND settle it as they are liable PERIOD ! Daniel knows that the court is the battlefield , the judge the enemy and the lawyer  the enemy "spy". I pray that Daniel has the backing of the "lord" and the people , I have his back ! ..stay vigilant my people ! ......GMBz...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Clark Kent" on "Clark County Chatter"........

The "conspirators" will come. Wonder how many "CCC"S (where they still SHOW a "locked"? topic / post ,  that instead of "DELETING" it , they show it and my others , because it brings in "touri$t$)LoL ! (Hey Abbysnana62 !)...... will venture in and go back via the "Grapevine" and tell what they seen here, about a "confidential informant" that has been outed , that was receiving" "privileges" and if Clark County denies that he's a CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT , how you all gonna prove it , $how me his W-4$ ! What is it about Jeffersonville that creates "Devils" like Tom Galligan, Larry and Peggy Wilder, Nathan Samuel, Danny Rodden (Who I might remind is in charge of the jail and if ANYTHING HAPPENS to my stepson, I will be getting a lawyer like JEFF WENNING and sue you individually")....Mitchele Harlan(DEFINITELY A "COUNTERFEIT CHRISTIAN) .Dawn Elston & Nathan Masingo( go on  hold this post against YOUR CLIENT, YOU TRAITOR ! didn't think that "take a hit for the TEAM" comment was gonna go unforgottin' , did you ?...when Dawn gets wind of this NATHAN, and you know she will ,she's(EX?) FBI !)...and Vicki are you gonna see what abuse is going on in your "venue" ? If it's contempt , I want to know if it's 'civil' or 'criminal' on the record !....for you non-lawyers it's CLE !...wonder who'll be the 1 st to "TellTim" , remember , he's a "hack"..go on "gangstalkers" . plan "MY murder !".....bee n' a fly on the wall !....Conspiracy- ..where 2 people cause harm to a 3rd person ..Conspiracy theorist ..the witness to the conspiracy !

"O M G " ...who's? ....!

I think to recognize my "peers", for my future court dates (thank you F BEE EYE and "Carnivore") I hope you don't get offended if our conversation gravitates ultimately , in the short run , from here on out , toward religion and "our""god" ! If your the type that would've crucified Jesus , If you don't 'decieve" me , that's something I'll have to know"

Time to "Burn" Tim "the iou/jew" Kutzberger Jr.......

Well TIM you PSYCHOPATHIC, LYING, FUCKING, TRAITOR....CLARK COUNTY INDIANA"CONFIDENTIAL   I N F O R M A N T ". I know you fuckin' computer hack . Now I know why the FBI won't investigate your ass for "BANK ACCOUNT" hacking , because you get "PAID" , where as a "snitch" gets nothing . Your a "fuckin' "jew" passing yourself off as a "Catholic" ,you had good teachers , those "CATHOLIC" parents of yours , they are good liars too!..especially your "mom". Your "dad" a multi-millionaire hiding money in the Cayman Islands . Work for Cisco Computer and Juniper Networks , now I know where you learned how to "Insert "WORMS" into banks and any other system you target. .....THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING YOU "SON OF A BITCH AND BASTARD , I'll KILL YOU IF YOU EVER GET WITHIN STRIKING DISTANCE OF ME, YOU AND YOUR KIND ARE MY MORTAL FUCKIN' ENEMIES . I SHALLN'T PRAY FOR THINE ENEMIES THAT'S SOME OTHER CHRISTIANS JOB ! YOU AND YOUR' S ARE ...KHAZAR'S...THIEVES.....SATANIC..there'll come a time TIM!....your Time is coming ! SO ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT CLAIM TIM AS YOUR FRIEND .....ARE YOU AS HE .... TOO ? 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Cheyenne and Oath Keepers..

I have a bad ,bad feeling that with the Oath Keepers and the 3% er movement gaining momentum and the exposure of the "racket"of the bank using illegal "evidence" (the note on your house YOU signed and they cant produce at court)...(ALWAYS sign contracts or agreements in BLUE or RED ink AND with UCC1-308 , to RESERVE YOUR RIGHTS ! ) to foreclose and make our citizens homeless . That the government is going to pull another George H.W.Bush/Clinton/Reno/McVeigh domestic terrorist attack AGAIN as a reason to quell dissenters of the "REGIME" and further infringe on our 1st and 2nd amendment rights .Government militia good , citizen militia bad, NOT! that's not what they had in mind with the CONSTITUTION . People ,read your Constitution AND King James bible  (even with its "defects") every day if you can. They are guides to conduct ourselves as CHRISTIAN soldiers against Luciferians/Khazar's/Bolsheviks that have infiltrated OUR government . This government is the DOMESTIC enemy ,we need not be in other countries ,unless invited , I know since the Internet , the boundaries have become 'blurred" but we have got to stay the course and "abolish" this Unconstitutional form of government . Remember the the 2nd amendment states that the "the right to keep and bear ARMS (Doesn't say FIRE-ARMS) shall NOT be infringed and a MILITIA being NECESSARY for a FREE state...for now ...stay vigilant and more soon ,the lord lets me !

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm "Batman"....NOT !

Back in 1987 when the "Toy Tiger" was  open on Bardstown road a friend of mine who worked at Pillip Morris , had a friend that went to the Toy Tiger. A really nice attractive woman caught his eye and one thing lead to another. She had a room at the Motel 6 , right next to the Toy Tiger. Once inside the room with her , they got undressed and proceeded what he perceived to have sex . She asked this guy if he liked to get "kinky" ! He mistakenly agreed to be tied up , facedown . After a little "playing" around , all of a sudden a "MAN" dressed in a Batman costume jumped out of the closet and jumped on his back and you can figure out what transpired . Ever since then I never looked at anybody in a Batman costume the same way again . The moral of the story , beware of "fake'? superhero's and women in bars !

Monday, October 11, 2010

Update on the "Sheriffs" ? visit..the "culling of intell" continue where I left off about the "Sheriffs"? visit early (aprx 2 am Oct.10th) . I did some follow up inquiries into this "ruse" to do "recon" on me and my house...I was told that they probably weren't sheriff's but,possibly "Army" intelligence (?) dressed as sheriffs , ironically , I just got done reading an article about baby "Cheyenne" who was taken from her mother and father within a couple of days of being born , as far as the "case" against them , I don't know the whole story but the part that disturbs me is on the affidavit for cause was cited "that he purchased several weapons ( a rifle , handgun and a taser ) and was affiliated with a "militia" called Oath Keepers .(for further reference read about them on my Facebook page (Karl Von Schmidt) . If you notice or haven't ,we're having a sheriffs election (there's been a media 'Blackout" on this race) and I took them to task while "they" were here and said I had a friend running for sheriff and told them it was Don Fitzgerald , "they" claimed "they" never heard of him , that's 'bullshit" , if your about to get a new boss , your gonna find out everything you can about him with ALL THE TOOLS at your disposal ...(law enforcement records, etc.). Now earlier that night (10/9/10) while Don Fitzgerald was at work , with witnesses , two (2) lasers were shined on his "heart" ! ..apparently since he wasn't "assassinated" , it was a "message" . Don has been endorsed by Sheriff Mack , an Oath Keeper and by the way , Oath Keepers are NOT a "militia" group if that's what you want to call citizens and veterans that are going to protect your Constitutional Rights with their lives if necessary , even if "Marshall Law" is declared ( which I heard something serious is supposed to happen on 11/10/11 ) on another topic , Daniel Cobble , the "Man" who tarred the Gene Snyder Courthouse , is due to be released sometime before December 2010 , I was "informed" that a letter was sent to a preacher to tell Daniel to drop his claims and shut up or there would be a "hit" taken out on him , because he is about to cause the removal of some federal judges and that "just ain't sittin' to well with Simpson and Heyburn at the federal courthouse . Now Daniel is no uneducated "Ebony" American , he was shipped to Texas for a "Psych" examine and his IQ measured by their standards at 118 .  He served in the Navy in the "Desert Storm" war the 1st time around  , pre 9/11 .Now I don't have a lot of friends because frankly I don't trust anybody that don't believe that this "Shadow Gov't" can act and do the things they ARE doing and getting away with . If me , Dan , Don and anybody we know get "gangstalked to death" (like Tommy Haynes) nobody that cares is going to be able to do anything at all about it , we'll be dead  , a "fraudulent" investigation will get the investigators another paycheck and the case will be closed and that will be IT ! This will probably be the last election for sheriffs office , because they want to make it an appointed position , so take heed voters , same thing will be coming to your county !..stay vigilant citizen patriots.. sincerely , Karl

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Timothy Kutzberger Junior!

...Got paid a visit by the Jefferson County Sheriffs last night about 1:30 am , they said they were looking for Tim Kutzberger for "A.W.O.L. ! " from the "Army" . How can this be with their "Eagle Eye"and their "INTELLIGENCE ?" AND SOPHISTICATED WEAPONRY and "How LONG has Tim been AWOL ? I've known him since January 2008 . Anyways I've got witnesses to more about Tim's "profile". But , the "Sheriffs" were "duped" into doing "The Army's work". Of course like a "good citizen" I complied when they "asked"(harassed and intimidated) (it was Saturday night with 3 killings down here("WestEND"!) "obligatory  "search" ("recon") took look in all possible "hiding places for "a man on a mission" . I wonder what Tim's Army "Legend" says about him? Stay tuned my people for I feel like a big "Editing" against my writings and phone conversations I've had is about near .......PLEASE READ the LINKS and the Gov't "Watch Dog" websites I've  posted on my FACEBOOK page at Karl Von Schmidt.  That's the 3rd time I've been paid a visit by sheriffs (2x) and police (LMPD 1x) ..seems like an "annual culling of "info' on dissidents /patriots /constitutionals and nationists..particularly of the last months and days and now hours is the "Oath Keepers" and them referred to as a "militia" "group" ! , as opposed to what the "Carlyle Group" ?