Friday, January 27, 2012

"Is it Clark County Chatter or "Gangstalkers" or my "Fans"?......and for you Tim Kutzberger "Google-rs" it's "the "Jew-nior" one

tim kutzberger a                          

"karl von schmidt"                      

"mitchele harlan" in attorney        

bill dawkins and jeffersonville     

james s. faller, ii                         

john schnatter cocaine

Has South America Become A Free Country ?

I was just checking in and noticed I had 2 readers from South America and ever since I started this blog, I've never seen any "Red Dots" on the globe from South America. If you a resident sovereign stopping here because you believe everybody should be free ,equal and educated, then welcome . If you aren't , then , your NOT welcome....As I said once before , I wonder how many readers want me dead, which I understand, because I WILL die ANYWAYS(as a HUMANOID) , but I am a Protestant Revolutionary/Patriot that LOVES America and MY people and HATE the Zionist/ Fascist government that I DID NOT vote for.......Stay EVERMORE vigilant and journey well (except Mayor Mike Moore)

Last "Legal" Public Hanging.....

Words escape me on this one ...Kentucky ? Famous for EVERYTHING good and bad , makes me feel good and bad for being a "Kentuckian". When you read and look at the pictures , Anyone that "REALLY" graduated from high school that's read a book from beginning to end and knew what they read and remember it forever can clearly understand how wrong this story is.....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh Yeah ! ..the "new year"...

Forgot to say "Happy New Year" to people who like what I try and report , this year is going to be FULL of both, "Black and White Magic" , blessed are all my peoples may they be ever vigilant in the light as well as the dark and that they journey well throughout all their days...."so be it"..Karl

A House of "Cards" "Rant" IS NOT mine , but if Karen gets a chance to tell you ALL , ALL that she told me , I wonder if it will make any difference to a lot of"Cardinals" "CHEATERS" don't count....can anyone say YUM -BARF !