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    I thought this very interesting , since "Al"l the "players" were in the vicinity . The "Imperialists" say Afghanistan has a "Lithium" deposit comparable to Brazil's ...oh..and there's also that Bin Laden fellow that's worth the whole "Domestic Product" of Afghanistan

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This blog is about the coming crisis of MARTIAL LAW and the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for AMERICA!It also offers HOPE and the CHRISTIAN SOLUTION for their NEW WORLD ORDER's "FINAL SOLUTION."

Friday, December 17, 2010
The Four American States Secretly Awarded to RUSSIA
America has truly been sold out to our enemies...while America slept.

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

There are four states that have been secretly awarded Russian takeover completely in the future, and the Russians living in those states know this...and many are openly bragging about this as well to bewildered Americans AND resident Russian Christians.

I was given this information by none other than Pentagon source AL CUPPETT some time ago. I finally decided it was far past time to write an article uncovering this tragic betrayal of our nation and her citizens. Especially after visiting the Pacific Northwest region extensively and discovering the large Russian populations in each of these four states.

Those four states are: WASHINGTON, OREGON, IDAHO and MONTANA.

These states have been secretly been awarded full Russian control in the future under martial law to RUSSIA, as a gift of appreciation from the NWO elements of our US government, fur Russia's cooperation in the future US martial law takeover agenda. Their Russian/Ukrainian/Slavic troops will be used heavily against resistant Americans under martial law.

These Russian troops will be used under martial law to break into homes and seize weapons, march Patriotic/religious America people off to prisoner boxcars to be taken to the detention camps, Bolshevik style, to be eliminated.

In Washington state some Russians are openly bragging that Washington state no longer is AMERICA, as up in Moses Lake, according to one member of the Constitutionalist party there.

This member personally admitted to me that military type Russians are strutting around, looking at every American suspiciously, stating, "Be careful what you say, be careful what you do : THIS IS NO LONGER AMERICA!"

Russian Christian immigrants in Spokane WA, told me that Russian spies are bragging to them privately, saying,


These four states admittedly are filled with many Russian immigrants, Washington and Oregon especially.One patriot group told me that there were more confirmed Russian KGB/FSB spies in WASHINGTON STATE than in any other, to their knowledge.

I have spent time in Oregon, noting the huge Russian population there. I also attended Russian churches there as well.

I have personally lectured in two Russian churches in Montana on the subject of MARTIAL LAW. They were very attentive and very concerned.

This is a major reason why Russian troops have been rehearsing in military practices in the high mountains of Montana, according to eye witnesses I personally interviewed. Russians will have to work hard to uproot and remove the strong and often militant Patriot community from those cherished mountains and remote wilderness regions of "BIG SKY COUNTRY."

This is a major reason why one Montana state trooper admitted that he observed a convoy of Russian military with US military DOD badges, hauling heavy military equipment up into the northwestern mountains of Montana. he pulled one over who showed him his DOD badge and admitted he was RUSSIAN. The state trooper peered into the trailers they were hauling and noted the heavy howitzer type cannons they contained among other weapons of war. It is believed that these powerful weapons were being hauled to a permanent secret military location(s) for future use against Patriot resisters of the NWO under martial law, heavily entrenched in the mountains of Montana, as my years of research uncovered.

So many preparations for NWO/martial law takeover are going in in those four states, I noted as I toured and researched for years in this region. Also there are so many sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES have occurred by locals throughout that region as well.

I used to wonder WHY there was seemingly so much NWO preparation throughout that region, UNTIL I remembered the words in one report of AL CUPPETT some years ago, of Russia's future annexation of those four states.

Although I cannot prove this, I suspect that ALASKA has already been secretly awarded to Russia as well, for obvious reasons. It is the one state closest to America. A military tunnel has been created between Siberia and Alaska, bored by nuclear melting equipment. Russian insiders including one Russian pastor in Denver told me personally about this. The largest detention camps known is the one located in Alaska. It is only accessible by train or plane, can hold one million prisoners, and has a human crematory oven to dispose of those terminated under martial law. This camp flies joint RUSSIAN-AMERICAN FLAGS and is under the control of RUSSIAN MILITARY ADVISORS.

Prisoner boxcars with shackles are heavily entrenched in Alaska. One welder I interviewed in Montana (Ken) told me that he met with three welders from three different states, who told him that they had all been to ALASKA for recent work, that many welders were going to Alaska for special work to weld SHACKLES INTO BOXCARS.

The Alaskan railway had been extensively renovated around 2000, upgraded at feverish speed and using high tech modern railway equipment to replace miles and miles of worn railroad tracks and ties.

Several former American military bases have been closed in recent years in Alaska, and I was informed they would be used as PRISONER DETAINMENT CAMPS in the future. (Can Alaska become AMERICA'S FUTURE GULAG, as SIBERIA was to Russia?)

Russian military are building detention camps on the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska, as Lenny Bloom informed me a while ago.

Russian Communists are experts in using their railway systems through past decades of oppression under communism, to transport millions of hapless political and religious resisters of their communist NWO takeover of Russian and Eastern Europe as well.

It is not surprising that Russians will play a major role in the NWO globalist/communist takeover of America. Their pattern is being followed here in America with the building of hundreds of modern detention camps (FEMA/HALLIBURTON KELLOGG ROOT AND BROWN/ HOMELANDS SECURITY and military camps as well) for detaining of political/religious NWO resisters in North America. All these camps are accessible by rail or planes, and many relying on the infamous prisoner boxcars with shackles for prisoner transport.

I will never forget standing next to Militia of Montana leader JOHN TROCHMAN on time as I interviewed him in Noxon, MT. He pointed up into the air and said, "SEE that high altitude plane flying overhead? I have viewed many of them with powerful binoculars, and they are RUSSIAN planes!

Canadians living in that same Pacific Northwest region told me that they have witnessed huge planeloads of Slavic military troops coming off their planes, destination unknown in Abbotsford, BC at the international airport located there.

There is so much more I could say about all this.

American Patriots and Christians living in this region, be aware and pray fervently for divine intervention in your states at this time and in the future.

-Pamela Schuffert
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If these people knew Dan like I know !.....I "humbly" thank you for your HONOUR "Dan" to "We.... peoples.. Constitution and your time SERVED ON BOTH ENDS..NAVY/pro se''re "CROSS" you BEAR" .."WEN"T TO FEDERAL PRISON FOR ALL "EFFECTED" employed AND unemployed ! ..The priviledge to write these ....(words)....(" thanks "man" ) !!!

Daniel Cobble sues U.S. for $557 million

Posted: Dec 14, 2010 4:55 PM EST Updated: Dec 14, 2010 4:59 PM EST

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- A Louisville man who was once convicted in 2007 of dumping gallons of tar on the U.S. Federal courthouse in Louisville filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County Circuit Court today, demanding that the government pay him $557 million.
Daniel Cobble filed suit against U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Phyllis Pyles, Director of the U.S. Tort Claims Branch for the United States. He claims the government owes him the money because he was "undisputedly prosecuted and jailed without an indictment from a grand jury."
Cobble's suit states that he is willing to accept payment in the form of either cash or treasury bonds.
Click HERE to view the text of the suit.
According to documents filed in Federal Court, Cobble has served as his own attorney on more than a dozen cases.  And he has sued everyone from Denny's Restaurant to Value City Furniture, President George Bush and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, saying, "the $700 billion bailout will destroy the U.S. economy."
Meanwhile, during his incarceration for the asphalt incident, Cobble even sent a letter to a federal judge saying, "The liabilities of my false imprisonment mount significantly with each passing day.  Whereby, I humbly ask that I be released to file my taxes on time."
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The legal arguments are somewhat impressive, but he has no case. This lawsuit will be disposed of rather quickly.
Yesterday, 12:34:39 AM
The man is exercising his legal rights. God, get over it already!
2 days ago, 10:22:09 PM
2 days ago, 4:01:25 PM
So hes one of them people that sue everybody to make a living instead of working for it?
2 days ago, 2:02:04 PM
This man belongs in a nut house!!
3 days ago, 7:37:01 PM
probably needs better legal representation...
3 days ago, 5:35:45 PM
You are exactly right JJ
3 days ago, 12:37:29 PM
Why does a nut like this even make a news story?

Something is seriously wrong with our tort law! We need tort reform.
4 days ago, 7:28:58 PM
It's no joke, and no, we need no reform of tort.

Unlimited ability to contract, is what this is. Incompetent administrators, not responding in kind to his 'offers' is why the suit will go forward.
3 days ago, 10:34:28 AM
this is a joke
4 days ago, 6:57:02 PM

"to pick up where this last comment ends" , it appears 2 people understand "it to Be" and the rest , "probably".."never will"...just remember "Dan"..."friends" "ARE" witnesses 1st, 2nd ,to  becoming "friends" !I
 I hope you "BOND BLOCK"ALL the defendants " until they settle with you in 90 days, ( for all intent purposes , his case "IS" "bona fide" .."prima  fascia" ( for all you latin lovers) in common law /commonsense)I hope I can keep people THAT SHOULD BE INTERESTED  , I will keep those interested up dated , hopefully for the next  90 days ...." journey well with even more "sage" vigilance...Karl

    Thursday, December 16, 2010



    I hope this video helps put into perspective of what a person can do "even" when things aren't "even" . Just remember , as long as your alive and breathing , contribute what you can for the betterment of the world..many blessings..Karl

    Saturday, December 11, 2010

    Heart Health... Lovasa, USANA and Dr J.Rx 2 months later..

    It's been nearly 2 months since I started taking Dr J Rx and I must admit I do feel better for its use. My blood pressure is down 20-30 points on the high end and 15-25 on the low end . My mood is improving and the "pounding" pulse in my right ear is almost half as bad as before taking this supplement . I'm sure if I can stay the course of treatment that I might be able to reverse a lot of the damage of "bad" food habits and minimal exercise , that has accumulated over the years . I don't have a lot of money and this 1st bottle of Dr JRx , I had to finance it ! But , it was worth the $80 investment in my health. So all you readers , if you have high blood pressure and arterial problems , depression and skin problems . I would recommend this product , when some people stop taking prescribed Lovasa and take this product without a prescription , that should mean something . good health to all....celebrate Jesus this month and always journey well ..your friend..Karl

    PS. (12th)  I will be paying for that 1st bottle (which worked out to about a $1.25 per day) and buying my 2nd bottle for the next 60 days and later I'll tell you of a "scam" there running in "all" the county jails....till next time....take your  t i m e and remember...."journey healthy , wealthy AND neighborly....Karl

    Saturday, December 4, 2010

    Indiana 's GO(o)D .VS...EVIL"e" an example of a "Gangstalked " PROTESTANT...(By the way , I'm all for Protestant Sep "dude' " )

    To those of you not familiar with the "auteur" of these videos, his name is Stephen Micheal Schafer and he has spent time in prison for destroying Masonic property. He has also threatened me and my family numerous times with physical violence as he has done yet again in the comments on this video. He fears what he does not understand. You can see him being taken to jail on his video called the Bustin G Party.
    -The Widow's Son of a Widow's Son
    • Face the facts....I wouldn't waste my time, your not really that important....probably suffering from your delusions of gradure, however, I also warned Indiana Governor Frank Obannon...I didn't threatebn, as I explained to the FBI who invited me to talk to them about my warnings....The Gov. should have listened....he's no longer with us. Get it? You'll know when I threaten.'ll see me while looking in the mirror, then it will be to late. Be careful who you provoke, it ain't no game

    Friday, December 3, 2010

    My "CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST" ....Fr- N'duh ! ... says....

    My "blog"hasn't anything "positive"(?) to say...well to appease that "analytical"'s something . I wish "ALL" a Merry Christmas (don't forget the reason for the season !) . A Happy and healthy New Year !  To find peace in all that we do for each other , to each other .  "Here's a "positive"......  +  .. ! .... <><   .."don't trip , try to tip" ...."exercise a "smile" at every chance in life"(try to keep the inappropriate smiles to as little as you can possibly stand) And for any "kid".... "lying"and under 18 years old , HERE ! reading this "adult" content..... I hope by being "exposed" to this "adult"(?) literature , it doesn't "trip" you .....and "snap" ....and.... lose touch with "the" "realty" that is "life"(?)....... and..... you "have" to "go on" "Neuroleptycs" .... anyways ... if you made it as far as this "blog" ... YOUR NOT cRaZy!    So ..." people play safe , accidents cause people" . May the Sun shine on your face many more days , let your eyes witness many more, a full moon ...... that looks like the "Earth".... if viewed from the portal of a spacecraft"....."journey on my people and stay vigilant with your health and your wisdom , may you and your vessel reach safe port but , enjoy the voyage...truly..Karl          

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    The former posts .."Journal-ist" / "Editer"/"Writer" ?...Survival-ist.?.

    Those post from Craigs List(trdmkd) are a "profile" if you will , of my perception of a "click on" , when I scan RANTS AND RAVES in Lou-EVIL . It used to be better here in my younger days ,although ambivalently! "Is"this , "Journal-ism" or "catharc-ism", like a Journal or a Diary ? "It's a bigger... but , smaller world , out there"! "More "is" less..less "is" more" (1984)...journey well my scholars , listeners with thy eyes..Karl

    "I can't help it "...."98%" "is" what strikes me...I hear this a lot C.L.

    Hate in Louisville (Louisville)

    Date: 2010-12-02, 

    The reason there is so much animosity and hatred within this city is simply because 98% of the entire population of said city are either trailer park rednecks, wanna-be thug gangsta niggers, or gold-digging, can't earn my way through life ignorant ass sluts. If you live in this city, you are one of the above....and to prove my point, you're probably reading this thinking, "Nah, I'm not a redneck, nigger, or a slut, I am actually a decent person!". Well, you're wrong. There are no good people here. I've lived here for several years, but I have also had the pleasure of living for several years abroad. While overseas, I had the pleasure to find out first hand, that not all people of the world are as terrible, close-minded, and pessimistic as the cretins are in this pathetic city. You people here just don't know any better, because you've never seen how the real world only know about yourselves, and your small, shitty ass hick city. You don't realize what failures you all are, because well, you're surrounded by a bunch of other failures. And that is the saddest part about it,'re all some terrible people, but you are too ignorant and full of yourselves to even notice it. Living your lives as if you are the standard in the world....please. Everyone in the world has heard of Louisville, and trust me, it is not because of something pleasant. People know to avoid this place. Nothing but rednecks, niggers, and gold-digging, unable to provide for themselves at all sluts.

    You might not like what I have to say about you and everyone here that you know, but it is the truth.

    • Location: Louisville

    See Kentuckiana ...a"PSA" attributed to C.L.

    Ladies who post ads for sex on Craigslist (Jeff)

    Date: 2010-12-01, 

    Attention ladies start having a little more respect for yourselves. The nasty stuff you describe in your ads porn stars wouldn't do. You don't need to get online to try and find someone to have sex with. All you will find online is rapist and sick perverts. If you want a good place to meet men and be smart and safe about it is the grocery store. By the way i am a straight man writing this just looking out for the ladies and tired of hearing on the news about women being raped or killed by online predators. Be safe out there.

    • Location: Jeff

    "See it's getting worse"? What people do ! Attributed to C.L.

    Older & Wiser But Made My 1st Mistake (Central KY)

    Date: 2010-12-01, 

    My husband and I recently hosted a party for a couple of younger college males who rent a couple of rooms from us, and we had a house full of college guys and when the stripper they hired didn't show I felt sad for them, and later, after my husband went to bed the guys talked me into tasting some watermelon wine and I really like it, and drank it down like koolaid, and being a nondrinker, after my second glass I became the center of attention as I became their stripper and then after my third glass I found myself waking up in my recliner with a young male licking me between my legs, and I knew it was wrong but yet it was an awesome feeling I'd never experienced before, and after my first orgasm he moved up on top of me, kissed me, and then I felt him enter me, and oh my goodness, he was twice the size of my husband, and after it was over I found myself the next day feeling quite guilty but then the more I thought about it the more I found the lust outweighing the guilt, but in all honesty I can not tell my husband, as it would literally break his heart but I've had more than one affair with this young male, and just can't say, no.

    What would you do? (I'm an older retired lady who is past sixty)

    Attributed to C.L.

    murder in Louisville

    Date: 2010-12-01, 

    What's most frightening is the overwhelming number of murders each year in Louisville, particularly this past year. I think of 4-5 other cases just off the top of my head that involved nothing to do with sexuality. Remember the young boy shot who was throwing rocks? Who here would like to post something derogatory about him? Does he deserve to be in his casket for throwing rocks moreso than a boy who was homosexual?

    It's funny, because when the "Craigslist Killer" was in the news, people would then post derogatorily about the females who were killed, using hate terms associated with sexually active, heterosexual females. Now here we are, with another CL related murder that inolves a homosexual boy. Keep in mind people, you're only aware of that one trivial detail due to the media releasing it. You wouldn't know, otherwise. Would you have something horrific to say if it was on different terms...such as...the kid going to buy something listed for sale? I've sold several items in the last year, where buyers came to look/purchase. In each case, with anyone, at anytime...risk is involved. I don't agree with the kid's choice, either (without saying I agree/disagree with his sexuality)....but what of this man who killed him? What have you to say of HIM? Those brought up with manners would know that doesn't do well for you to speak of the dead, on such hateful terms.

    How many of you are aware of a similar case, one that involved a couple in old Louisville this past year? This wasn't associated with CL. This couple lived together in a house in the area, and had a friend who visited. The couple suspected their guest had something with him which they wanted. They killed him, in order to rob him, and buried his body in their basement -- they put his body in a plastic container, and buried it under a dirt floor. The body lay undiscovered for about 8 months, I believe, before the authorities learned. The media also released impertinent information about these people, none of which changes anything about the end result: someone was murdered. Hetero, homo, does not matter.

    In this country, and of all that is wrong in this country, I'm grateful to know that justice doesn't look upon incidental things such as personal lifestyles. Although our media will sensationalize anything, it is a fact that it is NOT RIGHT to kill. The culprit will pay, in some way, hopefully the same price he made this boy pay. I say this because I learned today that a woman in Iran was hung, for being a "mistress" (as called). Are you aware, people, in that part of the world, people die everyday under the hand of their government for lifestyles? Or...they die if they live according to their lifestyle or their sexuality. There is no one on this earth that can say he or she agrees with that, even if you don't agree with whatever personal choice you 'might' be aware. Put the case: that one day heterosexuals 'could be' the minority, thinking could be much different.....perhaps heterosexuality could be viewed as such that some think death in order....for producing kids they can't pay for, or...whatever. That's fucked up all around, as much as it is to say this kid deserved to be murdered.

    Life is a GIFT. From whom or what you believe your gift of life came, a gift. Lest a person kill another, no one "deserves" to die early at the hands of someone else. I think that becasue everyone has computers and the net now days....everyone using one will type out things that are vulgar, and not even a reflection of their true feelings. It's just an attempt to rouse other users. The definition of this is "internet troll." A "troll" isn't one who posts continually, it's a poster who trys to start shit by saying things they know will prompt a particular response from others. I think people who do such as that are whimpy, wet noodle, losers who wouldn't dare open their mouth to anyone in real life, about anything. They scapegoat on here, and express their aggression by saying horrific things.

    I'm looking very much forward to Christmas Day this year. WHY? :) Because MANY of you leeches will have your government hand outs cut off!! Unaware? Look it up, decision has been made. Good luck to you. "Luck" -- when nothing else can help you. Many of you leeches will be without many things, including the net. That's my Christmas gift.