Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It "IS" our turn to make history ! America will never be the same and it shouldn't by God !

 July 11th 2012 HEY!  You ! YES YOU ! Your fixin' to be homeless and hungry and have to take the worst shit of your life . Where would you like to "doo" it ? Better get your Charmin autographed and send it to WASHINGTON ! NOW or Before election day ! I think we need to get everybody together and stop these insane voters from playing with these fuckin' Diebold MACHINES come election day .. They just don't get it , the election needs to NOT happen and see how that turns out , this government needs to get it's "Cherry popped" and be abolished for the first and righteous time in the history of man . We have nothing left to lose . We'll lose are life anyway. I'd make that commitment . I said my prayers , I'm at peace with my conscience and God and his son... NEXT is US ! ...copy and paste before November 2012's your job or it will be !

Next brown senior or senorita in the Whitehouse, better be a Latino .If it's going to be affirmative action it's now their turn. They'll do the job better , faster and cheaper . Time to stop section 8 at the Whitehouse and they'll vote !

Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away  

Mexico July 7th , 2012 "Viva La Mexico" 

the Whitehouse response