Saturday, November 24, 2012

Project "Paperclip"...?

Well I'm going to write this down before I die and all else will be erased. Back in 1989 my friend Clarence Gilbert Stroud II came up from Florida to see me . His mother and step father worked at the Naval Air  Station in Pensacola . His step father Frederick Strasser worked for Martin Marietta. "Chip's" (Clarence) dad was in the navy and "Chip" told me he was born in Japan and had a California SoSo #. Chip was also a navy vet , trained in a submarine (told me about "being down" for 6 month's - wondering where his air was coming from?) ."Chip's" uncle GERALD S. WALKER was a Counter Intelligence consultant in Washington D.C. at that time but, when "Chip's" mother divorced and remarried in 1967 . "Chip's" uncle Gerald was a Naval Intelligence  Officer and at the marriage ceremony, Chip's uncle pulled him to the side and told him,” If you see or hear anything strange or funny about or from Fred, I want you to call me and let me know ASAP". Chip asked "Why"?. Gerald responded with " We have reason to believe that Fred maybe a Hitler double (Doppelganger) , Hitler had about 5 , one was the vaudeville comedian that supposedly stood in for Hitler during the Munich Olympics) ...later when Chip went to live with his mother and stepfather in Pensacola in the late 70's and early 1980's (I met him in 1982) ..anyways , Chip was in Fred's bedroom and seen a jewelry box and his uncle did tell him to keep an eye on Fred , Fred and Delores (Chip's mother had separate bedrooms as Chip stated "she's the "proper wife" ( you can Google satellite the house on Somerset Drive in Pensacola I believe 6900 is the address , Fred comes up anyway when you Google his name and city because he sued B.P. over the oil spill due to damage to his Gulf Shores home (I've been there in 1988 to pick up his Harley to bring back and repair I been in the house and Fred did speak what sounded like german while I was there (even got interrogated by Delores about the true reason I was there ) ....anyways , Chip said when he looked in Fred's jewelry box he seen a "Cameo" of scrimshaw that had a carving on it , Chip described it as very ornate in gold and white scrimshaw , as he was holding it , Fred walked in on him and asked him what he was doing , Chip somewhat startled said " what is this, holding the "Cameo”. Fred took the Cameo from Chip and said "That belongs to my son when I die , it is a carving of "Frederick The Great" (Hitler’s idol) Chip was dumbfounded ....I don't know how he came across the book but, when he told me the title I went to the library and checked it out (The 7th Secret by Irving Wallace ..about the "secret" bunker that nobody knew about as they NEVER recovered the actual bodies of Hitler or Eva Braun) Chip told me Fred immigrated from Germany in 1938 , Fred spoke fluent German and one day they had an article on TV about a race riot and Fred spoke out of the clear blue and said "I have a final solution for them" , again alarms and bells go off in Chip he calls his uncle and tells him this but, your not going to change history if powers above you aren't going to investigate and disclose , Chip believed Fred was / is part of "Operation Paperclip !...I don't know what has happened to my friend Chip , last I heard he was living in Nashville . The only people who knew who the real Hitler was , was his dentist name  Dr Hugo Johannes Blaschke , I remember hearing he died around 1999 or 2000 and the bunker Hitler was allegedly in was buried over shortly after Dr Blaschke  died , I remember it being shown on the news ...I have had to live (exist) with this knowledge since May1989 and you can only imagine how that must feel let alone the stuff I know about the other people in"The Game"...there ...glad I got that out...please share..keep the truth alive and check out that book , "The 7th Secret by Irving Wallace , I believe around page 100-110 is where he refers that Hitler had a double name Strasser also read The Pigeon Project" about how a Russian doctor had found the "secret" to LIVING FOREVER !

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just stopping in to ... nourish , this blog ,

Well hello Kentuckiana....been hearing , seeing and reading some very interesting news this year and it's all bad . Dealing with U.S.banknotes (money)....explosions (?)....major lawsuits that are having an impact on us or will . Of course I'm guilty of reading again . Some of the things I want to brief the readers on have links after the story line for further research and I hope your inspired to research for truth as I can't always delve way to deep in the subject matter as I move on to the next current topic as I get them . First the most pressing issue , the fire explosion of "natural gas" in Indianapolis on November 11th, 2012 . I came across a very interesting article posted by the reporter on the Horizon oil platform that "exploded" in the Gulf of Mexico that stated that North Korea was responsible for the explosion as South Korea and North Korea are still at war. Ever since the start of the Korean War . Sorcha Fa'al of Before It's website was the one who reported that Hyundai Heavy Metals was the one that built the oil rig platform (Hyundai Automobile Company ) . The explosion in Indianapolis  is stated as being a "natural gas explosion". Now I must ask you , when was he last time you heard of a natural gas explosion that damaged more than 2 dozen houses ? Some 80 houses according to WLKY 32 news quote . When I called WAVE channel 3 and WHAS channel 11 . they did not know about the Sorcha Fa'al news story or any of what I told them , like a news "blackout" ! From what I read reported by Sorcha Fa'al , the explosion was caused by a "stray" drone as reported by Sorcha . Now I asked if Allison at WLKY ever heard about the "Rods From God". She replied that she had not. Now when you Google "Rods From God"made by Rand Corporation , you read that their telephone pole sized tungsten steel missiles that when there launched from a satellite from the Earth's orbit and guided by another satellite with laser , these missiles are referred to as "Bunker Busters" . When they enter Earth's atmosphere they are traveling at 36,000 mph WITHOUT any propulsion system and since they're made of tungsten ( the  filament that incandescent light bulbs are made of, that are being replaced by fluorescent lights for just that reason, even though fluoro's are filled with Mercury vapor gas) ...they don't burn up on reentry of Earth's atmosphere .now what does that have to do with  what happened in Indianapolis , it's close . They were bothattacks by  laser guided missiles. The "Rods From God" are what is believed to be used in the Camp Minden explosion in Louisiana , it was used in a bunker that not only penetrated the bunker but, also knocked over several (about 10+/- train from what you can see on the video's that are linked) .So , I'm going to put up the links for the Camp Minden missile attack and the Indianapolis DRONE attack for you all to read even though this is NOT the original video I seen but , helps explain what I'm talking about .

     And now the Indianapolis DRONE MISSILE ATTACK !

   Now I ain't going to be arrogant and say I don't care if you believe me or not , because I do care . It isn't that I want so much for you to believe me or think like me , I just want to present news that might interest you . To help you learn what took me 50 years to learn , late in life all this comes to me by way of the computer and new books I haven't read and only just recently read . Books like "The Bluegrass Conspiracy" by Sally Denten . The book "Hollywood Unlisted" , by Kim Fahey , a retired phone man in Hollywood no less and he has HEARD and seen it ALL ! I give this book 5 stars out of 5 stars.Now what Kim Fahey has come o learn is how Agenda 21 affected him personally as it will do to everybody that stops here to read all this with what follows is an exchange between him and a reader of his . Kim Fahey makes a statement from his facebook page with a follow up response from Eric Governor , who comments about how Brussels Belgium is charged with clearing 97% of all cashless transactions on the planet reads as follows.... 
    IKim Fahey...Every State has already been mapped out for Agenda 21. No more land for regular folks. PERIOD. That's it basically. Condo's for the new middle class, ghetto apartments or jail for the rest. All to be located near train stations so we won't need cars or trucks. Simple Simon says, COMPLY OR DIE. ....Any questions?....

   Eric Governor I first read the phrase in a book from the 80's called "The World's Last Dictator". It's the massive computer system in Brussels, Belgium that ALL credit and debit transactions are now being cleared through. It was originally designed by a man in California under the guise of a way for the U.S. Government to thwart/battle check fraud, but it's never been used for that. Instead, it has evolved into a central clearing house for all non-cash transactions, worldwide. And it doesn't even reside in the country that paid for it. It's in Brussels, Belgium.. the only nation on earth that now has NO national government and hasn't for about two years running, thus satisfying one more part of prophecy by virtue of that "head", or "government" suffering a fatal wound and yet still as a nation it continues to function without it. And indeed, so long as we include only those who are informed.. the whole world HAS marveled at it's ability to continue to function without one, (a head or government), after suffering it's loss! And yet it can be viewed as a fulfillment of prophecy on an even more notable level as soon as it's use becomes fully implemented and functional... When we go from having just 97% of all transaction in the modern world being and cleared through it, to fully 100% of all transaction being "non-cash" and cleared through "the BEAST" which in my mind will undoubtedly be the system of order which will be offered out of the ensuing chaos from the collapse of the world's fiat system. It's just sitting there waiting and able to handle quite literally ALL of the world's transactions in a cashless society, and I am quite confidant that there are those who intend to see it's full functional capacity tested and realized just as soon as they are able and the time is right. If you want to learn more, besides reading that specific book if you can find it, I suggest Revelations 13 as a good place to start. If you try using Google to research it, you will find that doing a cursory search today verses a week or a month from today, that almost as fast as this or that page or two about it is brought forth describing what it is and what it's significance is, that they are somehow taken down just as quickly! In fact, if you do a search with quotes around the entire phrase, you will see that "someone" is apparently removing any and all search results leaving you with zero hits. Zip. Nada. So you can't use quotes around it else you get nothing at all. Just the same as researching the name of the commission that was broadcast live on CSPAN in late spring and summer of 2001 with a seven member bi-partisan panel who's job it was to research and report on exactly what really happened in Florida in November of 2000. Enter: "Mary Alice Bowers Chambers Commission", and you will see that it's it's like it never existed! (either.) Ad that's in spite of the fact that I watched it every day for almost two and a half months that year. Gee.. You don't imagine that the fact that the date the report from that commission was set to be released being Sept. 12 of that year had anything to do with the date of the event that since then has had such a huge effect on matters of national security over the last decade or so do you? Hmmm..

 And as I found out , LEAD can REALLY be "transmuted" into GOLD..and as you know lead is way more plentiful . And so maybe you feel so apprehensive as I did when I read this story  . For this story wasn't published till 2006 . And I only got to read it last year . URINE, yes URINE can be Transmuted" into GOLD . You have to distill it into either the "Red" or White" "Philosephers Stone". You can also use the "Philosephers Stone"for your health the "Red Stone"being stronger than the "White" , with the "Red Stone"said to make your hair and teeth fall out and to regrow as when they were at there best and the "Red Stone"also keeping you alive until you have to quit taking it to DIE ! This in reference to Count Saint Germaine , who it was said lived around 300 years ! Please , read the story as soon as you get a chance
The Book Of Aquarius  

    Now onto the "money' you carry when your "consuming" goods and presenting these debt instruments . It was reported that the Euros was going to be implanted with "microchips' in 2005 and the United States soon there after , well it's now there after . According to Alex Jones of Prison Planet (even though I don't like him for he is a sale out ) a letter was recieved that stated that a husband and wife stopped in a truck stop and while in there they set off store security alarms that scan for RFID chips . it did it more than twice , as they were leaving the store , the alarm at the door was set off and they were stopped and scanned with a hand held "wand" scanner . It went off when they scanned over his wallet and they thought it was a credit card or something , it wasn't but, close. It was the $1000 in $20 bills (50 of them, brand new bills) when they got home they read that you could destroy microchips with a microwave oven . So they placed them in the microwave and they exploded around the right eye of Andrew Jackson . 
      Now I've read where that on the road in Tennessee that every other mile that those plastic reflector post on the side of the road can read if you got $10,000or more in cash in your vehicle . What follows is an even newer way that picks out who gets groped even more by "law enforcement" with the emphasis on ENFORCEMENT. Are you ready , SCANNERS , handheld scanners used in airports and soon ANYWAY you travel . As follows :  Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away 
  I know I have my detractors that stop in here and I know I have some people that are like minded ....I truly hope you've learned something from these words i've taken time to share cause I care and I hope you do to....till next time , I hope....journey well and go with your God.