Friday, February 17, 2012

Vote For Jefferson County Commonwealths Attorney Stephen Ryan

Talked to former Jefferson County Judge Stephen Ryan today . Found out he's running for Commonwealths Attorney for Jefferson County , the "job" David Stengel "usurps" right now. There's been a problem in the office as some attorney's have been abusing the "expungement" process and some haven't been done at all, even after proper filing . (click on the link for further reading    )...I've followed along with Judge Stephen Ryan's career and I know he has his "haters" only because he "is" a GOOD judge. Out of ALL the judges I've "judged" in my lifetime , the only ones I hold in high regard and respect "is" Judge Joan Byer , Judge Virginia Whittnghill and Judge Stephan Ryan . They are the best of ALL the judges in the courthouse in Jefferson County . I felt really sorry for Judge Stephan Ryan because he "inherited" the Ivan Cano case and politics being what they are down at that courthouse , I'm sure ALL the other "Chief" judges "dumped" that case on Judge Stephen Ryan because he was going to be the "sacrificial lamb" , because it was a "nasty" case and none of the judges wanted to be associated with any controversial rulings on that case and Judge Stephan Ryan had to make some unpopular rulings and I admire and respect him for his handling of that case because his rulings WERE within the law AND were fair to the corpus dilecti (the people of the Commonwealth) summary he did an excellent job because the MURDERER of Ivan Cano "is" where he should be , in prison for LIFE (his life anyway) . I don't LIKE David Stengle because he "is" as corrupt as Judge Irv Maze , David Stengel was COMPLICIT  in Tommy Haynes MURDER and cover up and he's guilty of "Gangstalking" me (that's for you Supermike@CCC).....There exists a SERIOUS CONFLICT of INTEREST with David Stengel's office ( and Judge Michele B Stengel (David Stengel's ex-wife....Daniel Cobble's case was placed before her , before being transferred to Judge(?) Anne Haynie(sic).... ) in summary , I believe that Judge Stephen Ryan to be a good and decent man and a very fair administrator of the law no matter who you are . So if I get to vote for him and not be shut out for being an INDEPENDENT..I know he will be a better Commonwealth Attorney for the citizens of Jefferson County Kentucky.... journey well Judge Stephen Ryan and I hope the people get the best to represent them this election and it's NOT David Stengel....Karl


Friday, February 10, 2012

"Write -Offs"

As this new year is getting under way , I've been reducing the number of problems in my life, namely people that claim to be my "friends". Take my nephew for instance, he asked me to help him out with $20 on New Years Eve and I did , the next time I saw him after he got out of jail( he claims he's been clean & sober for 30 days) I asked him about the $20 and he gave me a "song and dance" routine and said he'd make it right , I said "you know what , it already "is" alright , we're square", don't come back around here no more " ! He stammered and shook his head like I was wrong as he walked off and said "are you going to be like that"? I replied"FUCK YEAH"!, as I closed the door on his "thug-ass". Now there's the issue of Joe Kidwell, I helped his wife Dr. Peggy Kidwell by getting her a car and keeping it maintained so she could take care of her business and get prepared for "Joe's" release from Ft Dix Fed Pen, long story short , I replaced the starter and brakes on Peggy's car and sold Joe some tools so he wouldn't have to keep borrowing from his neighbor. He owed me a total of $175 for the starter , brakes and tools since September 2011. He has been paying me $20 and $30 a month, he bragged that when he was a "medical marijuana" dispenser in California and that "he grew money", that he said he would make me a 3rd partner with him and David Clancy for helping him on his case, he was supposed to pay me the last $25 he owed me this month. (5 months to pay $175) I haven't heard from him , probably because he called me and asked "how much I'd charge him to unplug the ignition key alarm in Peggy's car"? and when I heard that on my answering machine , I said to myself "he hasn't even squared up with me on what he owes me now and he thinks I'm going to spend $10 of my own gas money to make $50"! ( because I told him "I'm not even going to pick up my tool bag for less than $50 to start anymore") so when he calls again and he'll have to ,because I'll be damned if I'm going to call and have to chase down $25 from a "con" , unless he reads this , which I doubt because he isn't computer literate except for porn. He's a big let down , all's he could talk about the first day he got out of prison on the bus ride home was "how horny" he was , that I know is a recipe for trouble. When he got back here he got into "it" with his wife Peggy, who "waited" for him 8 years (she met him while he was doing a "stint" in Lagrange ) the things he said to her while I was standing there was alarming . He "is" a self avowed "Athei$t" also and when he called my house while I wasn't there and spoke to my ex-wife, the stuff he said to her made me literally nauseous . The stuff he said to her that he done in prison(sic) has made me decide for $25 , I'll "write" him off also. I try and get along with everybody , no matter whether they are religious or not , except "Satan" worshipers,"fuck them".Some of the people that I took up for on here , have showed their true "colors"and have been a disappointment to say the very least. But, through no fault of my own , I just don't think I want to meet anymore new people , as the old saying goes " no good deed goes unpunished", I prove it EVERY time. Murphy's Law says's friends come and go , enemies accumulate", that is a true statement. So please , don't be offended if I don't want to shake your hand at an introduction , it might not be you , but me, maybe , you'll know.....journey well...Karl

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"most honest politician"

I voted in the Kentucky election by electing NOT to vote , I know , "if you don't vote , don't bitch"! I didn't vote because I knew my choice was going to turn out like ALL the other times I voted, the same old party lines was going to win. I wanted Gatewood Galbraith to be our governor at least once because he wasn't "bought"like ALL the other candidates. I wanted someone that wasn't going to be a career politician, that wasn't owned by corporate and union influences. I think Dea Riley alienated some of Gatewood's supporters because she let her EGO and attitude get in the way and her true side revealed itself to me of all places on Facebook . I wasn't for Gatewood just because we shared two things in common ( hemp and smoking "medical"Marihauna/Marijuana , Rest in Peace Gatewood) I could see and know from the few times me and Gatewood talked , he had integrity and true LOVE for the state of Kentucky and it's people and its FARMERS, where are sustenance comes from and Kentucky could have been on top like it was when people "sailed" down the Ohio to the Portland canal and decided to settle the great states of Kentucky AND Indiana. But, that's not why I'm posting here now. I'm posting because , if we don't change this "Hope and Change" president with someone that wants us to "get back in time" to the Constitution" , we're going to wonder where it "went". Because "if you don't use it , you WILL lose it", that much is true. The whole military (the ones doing the real work) supports Ron Paul as I do , so I WILL come out to vote for Ron Paul , if I live long enough to vote ,as I have pissed off a lot of people with this "blog" , NO REGRETS" ! And , if Ron Paul doesn't win , then I feel ALL hope is over for this Republic once referred to as "Gods Country". I DON'T trust the Diebold machines at all , the other day when I was with someone to draw money out of the bank , I noticed the ATM was a "dispenser" by Diebold. We need to get back to a more reliable "paper trail" way of keeping things honest and accurate . That's just my opinion...and to add , I know I've been referred to as being anti semitic, that's NOT true , I'm anti "Zionist", the ones that call themselves "Jews" (ie: Schiffs, Loeb, Kissinger, Panetta, Obama, Koch,etc.etc.) are the new "Nazi's" a, suffix of Ashkanazi , "IS" it so wrong to want to assimilate with your own race and to preserve that "gene" pool for tradition and for the sake of survival? The only way I can explain my feelings and thought on this subject is to recommend reading the "Soncino Talmud"and James Von Brunns TOBE SHEBBE GOYIM HAROG or KILL THE BEST GENTILES (may he rest in peace)...I can live and be neighbors with anybody , as long as there's mutual respect, but the minute there's no respect or honor , I'll in ending vote for Ron Paul so we won't have a Jeffersonville Indiana Mike Moore for a president ...STAY ever vigilant and journey well my people..Karl