Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Got This By "Pony Express"...the document is on

I don't know where to begin on this one but , it doesn't surprise me in the least these days . This is a "classic" example of "gangstalking" in "Portland"-Louisville , Ky. Note what is said about the "Mexicans" ,  "not getting payed" , pay attention , because I've been hearing this go on with young workers of all ethnicity/color..etc. The Hack's at A&H Rv committed insurance fraud after the "windstorm" of 2008 , the house out in front of A&H was insured and they had Tim Kutzburger get on the roof  and "damaged" the roof to "collect" on the insurance . They paid to have the whole roof replaced but , Hack had Tim just "patch" the roof with tar . Long story short , Tim didn't get payed and when Hack was confronted about the money owed to Tim , he "pulled" out a sheriff's badge that Danny Rodden gave him , course I knew he had to be lying and when I called and asked Sheriff Rodden if Hack was a sheriff , he said "no", he wasn't .(of course I recorded the conversation)  So it seems "capitol-ism" takes on the meaning some Russians foreseen , before it's over with , if the people don't resist or revolt there won't be no middle class , it'll be the "sovereign elite" and U.S. slaves .As far as that "vet" goes , they were doing spay/neuters and the animals DIED and the owners would be jerked around for 2 or 3 days before they were told the truth . That would be the "West End" veterinary owned by Julie Jane of Georgetown , Indiana . (I've still got the newspaper article on that) The topic for this post is a document that can be found at  Scribd , under KarlVonSchmidt , I just signed up for their account to post documents , so I'm still learning to use their service , so please bear with me till I get the technique "write"...stay vigilant... Karl.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marijuana/Marihuana ? an observation..

I'm not going to discuss the legalization of "it" here. What my observations are that after reading about its history and use by people , there's pro and cons about "it". After reading the "Elkhorn Manifesto" , it does have valid use.Before the end of WW2 , the U.S. government promoted heavily amongst farmers , the U.S. Agriculture film "Hemp For Victory" , as "hemp was used for of course rope , sailcloth ,textiles, paper , oil/fuel ,cattle feed and on and on. Until the end of WW2 , it was Kentucky's number one cash crop , tobacco being 2nd .Then the treasury assumed "jurisdiction" and made it illegal for corporate , political and cultural reasons . The Negroes from the south New Orleans area and jazz musicians were targeted  by the newly created"Narcotics Bureau" of the U.S.Treasury. And polar opposite of the U.S. Agri-culture , the Narcotics Bureau produced the film "Reefer Madness" with the help and $upport of Randolph Hearst(paper /mill) Standard Oils Rockefeller and Prescott Bush and J.P.Morgan . Contrary to peoples belief that "its" not addictive or deadly , are not being realistic in today's "modern" world , Marijuana in the generic pill form called "Dronabinol"-brand name "Marinol" is deadly if more than 50mgs are taken, the "pills" look like 'pearls" , they come in sizes up to 10mgs, it is usually prescribed to cancer patients for nausea and appetite control , also for HIV/AIDS patients but , not for any other use . The other deadly consequence is the money value as a commodity for "pot" dealers , now more than ever , when a dealer is targeted by a robber , usually the robbery is violent , because the robber not only wants the "weed" but, the money too , with life at risk on both sides of the crime . If money was not the currency at the moment , then in a chaotic breakdown of order , Marijuana will be more valuable than gold . (at 1 time gold and Marijuana was the same price per ounce circa 1990) They say it is a "gateway" drug and that has merit to it but , any drug that a user gets their 1st "Euphoric High" off of can be said about that "drug" also . Like the Coca plant , the Opium plant and so on "it" is a "gift of god" and is the "fruit" of the plant , which god gave "dominion" over . It will never be eradicated , because the sheer number of people using  and glorifying "it" . It's amazing how it will "enlighten" some "artists" while at the same time make some stupid people even more "absent minded" .(what I just say?) Oh yeah ; ) ! Industrial hemp was recently passed by the legislature of Kentucky , secretly of course , so the next logical step is to "Marilize Legajuana" / decriminalize "it" and tax and regulate "it", since it is overcrowding the prisons amongst the "real"prisoners" (ie: murderers , robbers and rapists) .So if you've read this , I urge you all to look up  R. Wm. Davis "The Elkhorn Manifesto" and "The Unauthorized Biography of George H.W.Bush by Webster Tarplay ....journey well my friends..Karl

DRUG's,non-user's,use and Abuse...

The "salve" for America's illness? Drug problems have gone up from one source I read , about 30% since just last year! I won't waste words with who's benefiting the most from this war, I just want to point out some things I see going on . America used to make EVERYTHING we needed , now you can't even by a pair of shoes without a "container" ship docking. Jobs exported for "slave" labor by "Corporate America", people homeless,hungry,"Corn Syrup" sick and "Wealthcare fraud" . America is miserable and "mentally" ill and they are treating their ills by either legal drug dealers(DEA licensed Drs) or "self medicating" .PEOPLE are really hurting these days , whether it be physically or mentally . I'm not condoning stealing, but that young woman that died in the Harrison Co. jail, SHOULD NOT have, jail personnel were alerted to this woman's symptoms and she was mistreated , period!  Walmart has a  policy Not to apprehend  "shoplifters" if the value of  items is under $25 ,  when I 1st  heard of this tragedy, my thought was ,she's somebodies daughter, probably a young mother herself and no husband . She stole an "outfit for her baby" for Christ sake. But, she had "very dangerous " drugs on her person ,that she didn't want to be caught with, so she did what she  shouldn't of and now  kids are orphaned, the jail  will most definitely be sued and righteously so. It's going to have far reaching consequences .According to Skolnick's , Coca Cola imports(and Pepsi)tons of coca leaves from South America to Stepan Chemicals in North Chicago and Maywood Chemicals in New Jersey. They de-cocanize(separate the cocaine from the leaves) to make the "syrup flavoring" that goes into the soda's .Now back to the "Coke" , that's 100% pure pharmaceutical "Coke" that takes a trip on down Hwy 63 , to Eli Lilly's plant , a little north of CLINTON, Indiana where it's used in the medical industry.(wouldn't want to get a tooth pulled or stitched up or no epidural without its benefit right?) Then there's the "leakage" between Chicago and Indiana(about a 100 miles worth) that hits the streets(Cicero 1st) on down the pipeline. Now Afghanistan and Opium , stats are that about 1/2 the troops in Afghanistan will return with an opium addiction(the worst monkey in the world to have on your back), when kids in impoverished country's can consume a small amount of opium to stave off hunger pains , that should be a clue as to the good and bad of the power of a drug , where kids might get to eat 15 days out of a month and the rest of the month substitute opium for food. Opium will never stop , it's to important to medicine and culture, it's god "fruit" to man-"kind" ,To learn more, go to Skolnick's and read the beginning of the courts,theCIA andCocaCola, also at I believe -Opium Past ,Present and Future. Of particular , read about the "Super Poppy"  that Johnson and Johnson "pulled the plug" on...Journey Well my People...Karl 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Karen's Case ,more Judicial Tyranny....Conspiracy-R.I.C.O.

Jdg(Satan) Simpson has furthered the conspiracy of his soulless coven , he denied Earharts motion for "investigation" of judicial misconduct as per Simpson's "routine" . If I ever have to appear in the Gene Snyder court house , this post will automatically   be grounds for recusal and the "Clean Hands" doctrine cause I know it's a fact Jdg's Heyburn , Simpson ,Boggs and Martin have been sued by Bradford Metcalf for R.I.C.O. , Bivens Act ..etc.etc and Dave Whalin's their "Bitch" too ,none the less , to summarize , they're all "TRAITORS" and should be arrested by that "Crooked " "traiter" Sheriff John Aubrey , the've all violated their oath to the Constitution both state and federal .The only possible way Karen can get a "fair" trial it seems is in Chicago with Blagoivich's lawyers and jurors or Karen having a trial in New York , with old respected judges on both sides of the "bar"...gotta stay vigilant..everyone !       Karl

Jurisdictionary Club Summary..

Tonight at our "Pro Se" meeting ,we had candidate for Kentucky governor, Phil Moffet , We had a frank discussion on jobs , education ,"bloated" government and the "usual suspects" that just hasn't been delivered by former governors , including the current government and he admitted to learning things from our meeting , that he was totally unaware of and that he asked for our help and and we one upped and offered what ever advice we could contribute. He was asked "why do you want to be   governor"? His response was "He's sick and tired of Ky Governors not delivering , period"... I keep y'all posted.....journey well..Karl

Don FitzGerald for Jefferson Co. Sheriff

This post is for a friend and "teacher" of mine , Don FitzGerald. He's running for Sheriff and I believe he'll be better than John Aubrey , who has like his predecessor, usurped(abused) the office. Don is going to be similar in his approach as sheriff Mack and Nye Co. Nevada Sheriff Tony DeMeo . You can Google their names and watch them on YouTube, Please listen to them and see if you agree with their ideas on what they perceive their duty is , which is opposite of the POLICE ! stay vigilant...Karl ...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Access Denied" "CCC"...

Well , supermike and coltsfan and the professor proved my case today , if you don't "conform" to there double standards , Hell with you ,go someplace else . Good deal for those "gangstalkers" , my posts are getting views and making them $$$ to boot. If one of their "cronies" get 'in" , nothing will change because these "profilers" "mining" data through their site , in essence there's a "spook" in the bunch , maybe more than one . "WhatChaNeed" ,called elias a "wanker", against their own policy of name calling , well "whatChaNeed" is a "wankdretti". I tried to see their point of view but , I can't get my head up my ass that far , "sp-ike" said when I called the cops over in "D-evil", the "Keystone Cops" he took it personally , I KNOW there's good cops in "De-vil" but their the ones who post about them more than I do. So sp-ike, whatUneed, rieverfox, cindyboohoo(keep yer mask on please) quagmire, gumshoe, BM heights, roundtriangles, I know what all your IQs are , your a bunch of "smartassed"  "Jerry's Kids"and if I had to pick a jury of my peers, you "frauds" couldn't make it passed "voir dire"....stay tuned, they're not the only ones on my "shitlist.. there's the "gay Jerry" and his Jerry Springer "circumcised hot dog "eatin' ZOG "mob...stay vigilant..GMBz

In response to Clark County Chatter,,

Well here we go , since the "Gangstalkers" at Clark County Chatter , wont let me post without a moderators (aka;censor) I've taken a cue from another "patriot" from "CCC". I will be talking about everything right and wrong in Kentuckiana . I hope after your visit here , you leave knowing a little or a lot more , before your visit and it is of help to you and the ones you love and care about. The adult warning is because , I do have "tourettes" syndrome , which flares up from government workers (an oxymoron) , "Counterfeit Christians", "Fake Handshakes and "Gangstalkers", like "Jerry's Kids" ...I do want to credit Abbyanana62 , for the idea to do this and wish her husband a speedy recovery and good health to all, so.."Stay Vigilant"..Karl