Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What this site get$ = NOT !

What I get for this site ? No money or donations , please ! I DO NOT want any "Masonic Coupons" for the GreentMtnBoyz "blog" . This is MY church if you will . I call it "The Native American Church of Portland of History - Law - Medicine ". What I get from this site is to know that I will be "immortalized" because of this site as it will be archived, subscribed and out there in cyberspace forever . I'm just trying to do the right thing by and for all my people . Trying to be reunited with my family, friends and people that have left this planet before me . Knowledge should not cost but time to gather it . Welcome to my church and for you good people dependent on opiates , methamphetamine and cocaine . Look up Ibogaine and Kratom . Kratom is natural leaves from a tree in the Orient (legal ast this time and can be "Googled " to find a seller) .  Ibogaine , although "illegal"(?) has been said to cure all addictions in ONE DOSE ! Here are 2 links worth reading in regards to Ibogaine treatment and you'll understand why these "rehab "treatment" centers want "job security".  
 and this one :
I hope I've helped at least one of over the 7500 people all across the world that have visited this "site" and wish Peace and Love and God bless all those that believe , keep the faith and "journey well" .