Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Joe Kidwell..before the FBOP/Feds MURDER HIM !

...." my friend Joe Kidwell ("Joe Hemp Bank" of California) was due to be released on May 20th 2011, he was attacked roughly 90 days ago in Ft Dix FCI in New Jersey while in line to get his diabetic medicine by 2 "black" male "lifers" with... a sock with 2 padlocks inside it and the other attacker (assassins! REALLY..) had a broken mop/broomstick in an attempt to stab him, he was then put in SHU. He's been ILLEGALLY IMPRISONED for 7+ years as of May 20th, and now his sentence has been extended for 6 more months and I don't know if it's because I keep his cause in the public or if the prison is blaming the victim and adding 6 more months on his "time" without "due process"(trial) ..this amounts to "cruel and unusual" punishment and he should be released because of his BAD health condition...HE IS a POLITICAL PRISONER (please Google and read) there ARE NO VICTIMS in this CONSPIRACY TO ENTRAP Joe Kidwell back in 2003, probably because they can't do anything to his Federal Permits and Licenses to Legally grow and provide medical marijuana he "Grandfathered in"under the California and Federal "Compassionate use" law...so if anyone out there could help me find out why they are taking 6 more months out of his remaining short life....I will be writing letters to the FBOP,Dept of Justice(Eric Holder) Prez Obama , senator John Yarmuth,Etc...thanks sincerely ...Karl

Oh yeah I almost forgot...

Mike Moore and Tom Galligan , FUCK BOTH YOU and go to HELL !

My invitation to what?....

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   I got this email from a Mike Moore(?) , who's running from the truth and running for mayor of Jeffersonville, Indiana . I guess because I write about the politics "across the bridge" too . Well I guess this stems from my registering and being listed as a "follower"(reader) of Abbysnana's "Blog" . We both USED to be "members" of Clark County Chatter of Indiana AND we were both CENSORED before being TERMINATED, I don't know why Abbysnana was banned but, I do know why I was (I have the emails from Supermike printed of course) for the subjects about "Gangstalking" , Charles Schlund , The Black Pope , Your IQ, do you know yours and Loco Politics under the "avatar" GMBz/GreenMtnBoyz . I called ALL the people that kept assailing me everytime I posted on CCC , "Jerry's Kids" or the "Circle Of 13". Supermike did give some good advise on the book "BORN IN BLOOD" , which is about the "Freemasons" , in which that is what Indiana government is "infiltrated" with . (see http//wn.comProtestantsep)  MikeSeesItAll has the Masonic overtone of the "Eye of Horus" . Now to some FACTS , Mike Moore left the Democratic Party because that would have put him toe to toe with Tom Galligan , the "other" "Democrat". He would have lost , because Galligan wields a lot of political power, (Aka: favors,abusive power,bribes, deals, vote fraud (remember Ron Simpson as Special Prosecutor for Waiz) . Now Mike switching parties is equal with being a TRAITOR and anybody that votes a straight party ticket is mentally retarded and should not vote for everybodys safety . Mike also wields a lot of political power based on his "Politico" family , being a former council member and powerful LAWYER connections . I'd really like to know why Matt Owen "bowed" out of the mayoral race but, I guess we will never hear the real truth to that as that's how REPUBLICANS are , if he's a "Lewis" , he'll never admit that..."can anyone help the widows son"? Obama's preacher said it "Wright" , Mike Moore IS a "Politician",too ! Websters Dictionary defines politician as ..."frequently used in a derogatory sense , with implications of seeking personal or partisan gain , scheming , opportunism ,etc....scheming-adjective:Given to or involved in making secret and underhanded plans..noun: The activity of making such plans . Reading about Mike Moore's controversy , where he attended a baseball game and upon admittance , he was charged $5 and it was alleged that he threw the money in the kids face that was at the entrance, watching this "tit for tat" transpire on CCC was very immature to say the least . Moore to come , so in closing for now , to keep voting for the same party/straight party ticket that makes things progressively worse is insane or like I said retarded . Now unlike my new public "enema", I won't be "censoring" all comments , I let it all "hang out", so if you got something to say , don't be afraid to say it. ...Jeffersonvilles only chance to really change anything is to vote INDEPENDENT, at least you'll know what you won't get, just the opinion of someone that cares even though I don't live there . ..so, stay vigilant , especially come November....Karl

Monday, May 23, 2011

While your visiting...

After you finish reading , not for ego but, of interest . Check out the globe on the upper right of the page and click on the "enlarge" icon and see all the "red dots" here in America and all the other countries that people have stopped in to learn something or "gangstalk"me , so as to plot my "exit strategy".  ....to ALL my friends , thanks and ...journey well...Karl

Here's "Poetic Justice".....Jim Earhart....

Here's irony for you Louis-er-vile "style", Jim Earhart, who betrayed Karen Sypher (sold her out,he's a "lieyer" after all)sitting on an "ethics" commission against councilwoman Judy Green . How the fuck does that work, Jim Earhart is an errand boy for that despot Khazar Charles Simpson and Mafia affiliate Steve Pence and that "Eyes of E-vil" Pitino. That hearing is a welfare "charade" if there ever was one, even if Judy Green did what she's accused of ("Nepotism","Oh God"!) it's nothing compared to sending a mother of 50 to prison for "life"(8years), who has a 5 year old daughter in the custody of someone like Tim Sypher, if you want to know what I mean by that, give Karen a new trial or let her talk and watch "the House of Cards Fall". The only thing that separates the "Devil" from "Beelzebub"is the 2nd street bridge.  .....stay extra vigilant....."cause my library cards about to expire"....great for the people on my "hatewatch", bad for my readers.....Karl.."so sue me, too" !

Friday, May 20, 2011


So, if Tim Kutzburger Jr (the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT for Jeffersonville,Indiana),is truly AWOL since my visit from Aubrey's "posse" on October 10th, 2010 . How is it he got a "discharge" and is planning on getting married on July 23rd this year ? Unless the ARMY and Sheriff Aubrey can prove he was AWOL and it wasn't an "intimidation" tactic because of my endorsement of Don FitzGerald, then you ALL stand as liars and "Gangstalkers" of the type that "murdered" Charles Schlund and William Cooper( E PLURBIS UNUM) . He's getting married to Ashley Cardoza and is registered with Macy's if anybody wants to get him a gift for this "government im-plant", I don't see how he's going to support his son and Ashley's on selling "plasma"....so what is the "TRUTH"? Sheriff Aubrey and YOUR psychopathic/pathological lying ARMY terrorist "buddy's"? Was he ever AWOL or are you all "simply" "Gangstalking" me, because I call you ALL out on the "truth"?.....I believe you ALL are Masonic/Illuminati/NWO...Killing people CIA style and that's my sincere belief ...you ALL love the power of the "DEVIL", RIGHT ?...I know your watchin, because I'm watching too !..the stats on my blog tells me, besides  the people that "search" for me at MyLife.com...I'm staying vigilant....and DON'T TRESPASS ON ME !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do all governors fuck over their families besides voters(sheeple) ?

Lets see , Paul Patton fucked up Tina Connors, Fletchers a "quack" murderer, Schwarzenegger , we knew was a "whoremonger", the governor on the Appalachian Trail via Argentina, Jeb Bush goes without sayin', Mitch Daniels(a closet Syrian,Eli Lilly dope-dealer) Huckabee((snake oil salesman)those governor's that bought the CEO of US of "Amorica"...and now KY JELLY proves how corrupt and backword it is by choosing "liars"(lawyers and a "stupid as a brick" washed out basket-"baller") and for a bonus you decide which one is a queer AND criminal...so much for "cleaning house" !

Friday, May 6, 2011


 Joe Kidwell , founder of "JOE HEMPS FIRST BANK" of Los Angeles , a POLITICAL prisoner , like "TOMMY CHONG"( "Chong Bongs") and Ed Rosenthal ( Marijuana Growers Guide )  is due to be released on May 17th of 2011 . He's been in the SHU unit after an attempt was made on his life when he was in"med line" to get his diabetic medicine , he was attacked by two (2) "black" "lifer's"hit, in the BACK of the head with a sock with two padlocks and beat and attempted stabbing with a broken broomstick handle, it's supposedly "under investigation",the FACT is the prison is to afford "equal protection"under the Constitution , even in prison , Especially if you were set up by a prosecutor , a lawyer and a judge to "test" a new California Law and it goes awry and your the ENTRAPPED "Sacrificial  Lamb"in L.A. and wind up UNLAWFULLY IMPRISONED FOR WHAT THE STATE  AND  FEDERAL GOVERNMENT  LICENSED HIM TO DO ! Eight and half years (102 months, GONE !) . I recently had the book "The Criminal Defendants Bible" by Michael Halsey Brown and to quote Joe,"they do not like "it" at all"! ...they wont even let him read it in the hospital unit in SHU , though he can receive legal mail and paper and envelopes , stamps and denials on VALID TORT CLAIMS . So please "Mr Lawmen" DON"T MURDER JOE between now and the time he comes home we people know and love him and care for his health and welfare . You prison officials are "guilty" of inhumane treatment( cruel and unusual punishment while in your custody ) of an injured man for the last 90 days of his sentence , he should have got a medical release as soon as the same day of the attack , JOE NEVER HURT ANYBODY ENOUGH TO DESERVE  to ever go to prison for such a victimless crime , shame on ALL you responsible for this human rights violation , hopefully justice , or karma will prevail....stay vigilant and Welcome Home "Joe Hemp" ...Karl

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nathan Masingo, Dawn Elston,Bitch Harlan and Magistrate William Dawkins Jdg Carmichael..

It must suck that when someone does a Google search for these TRAITORS  (except maybe Vicki Carmichael,Lonnie Coopers wife, unless she PROVES me wrong) that the first page results brings up my "blog" and the TRUTH ! I know a LOT about ALL you ALL , that should put you all in Federal prison for CONSPIRACY, I know ALL about the drug dealing out of Mick's Lounge when Papa John Schnatter was being supplied by Mathew Adkins dad(sic) , Arthur AdkinsArthur AdkinsThree day weekend baby, cut grass smoke a little grass drink some beer and cook on the grill
May 20 at 6:37am (check out all the Schnatters on Arthur Adkins Facebook page).You all graduated Jeffersonville High School in '79. I know about those trips to Cicero Chicago to pick up cocaine to pay the bills at Mick's Lounge in the early 80s. And think what you want Papa John , but I know one of the guys that did a roof on I believe your wifes house and Karen Sypher has also told me of some harassment from you and if you ,Rick Pitino and Timmy Sypher(puke) don't "whack" her (MURDER) , the Truth will make you un-free . My sources are your friends and supplier , Ole "crackhead" Arthur Phillip Adkins..or as I like to refer to him "Dick Cheese". Now what you gonna do murder my witnesses and me ? Ms Carmichael just because you , Dawn, and Mitch shared an office , does NOT make them your friends ! Like I said here come the witness and the defendants list . So to exercise my first amendment right ALL( except Ms Carmichael and Lonnie ) , go to HELL ! "Gangstalkers" PS: don't wanna leave out "Easyrider" Nathan Samuel - Jeffersonville Gov't = $$$$$$$$ = Children = $$$$$$$$ , so FUCK YOU too !(you remember Arthur Adkins and Mathew Adkins don't ya )


I see it now , Jeffersonville has a choice to vote for the Devil or Beelzebub come November , so , Ky Jelly is on the same path with those Queer actors Khazar and Beshear (really ! and Jerry , thanks for the $13 MILLION DOLLAR "STRIP SEARCH(S) THE $14 MILLION OWED TO THE firefighters, THE "Paul Bather" lawsuit ( ESPECIALLY "THAT" ) and "contributing" to the murder of my friend Tommy Haynes and the millions of other dollars you and your "Mafia".."Grifted"... this once lovable , functional , pure "Norman Rockwell" city of ) .........or , to borrow a term from a gubernatorial candidate Gatewood Galbraith (and if your reading this Gatewood you ,should contact me if you want this blogs endorsement ) ...or........choose "the "Blue Pill"that makes  David Williams a "PRICK" with a "Bag 'o' Bricks Brain" Farmer ( not ,really? )......... I'm NOT votin' fer "shit"!    , if that's the choice we have , so        Jerry & Steve ,   Farmer &  Dave  , "fuck all you" "clock stoppin"("2 times")crooks"/aka; TRAITORS.........to borrow from Carl Brown , sue me ! I'm broke !...PS I'll mark my "Ballot" or is it "BALLOT' ,   """" WITHOUT CONSENT "     ..........."  DISSENT "   ..............."Now I'm going to go puke".....