Saturday, November 24, 2012

Project "Paperclip"...?

Well I'm going to write this down before I die and all else will be erased. Back in 1989 my friend Clarence Gilbert Stroud II came up from Florida to see me . His mother and step father worked at the Naval Air  Station in Pensacola . His step father Frederick Strasser worked for Martin Marietta. "Chip's" (Clarence) dad was in the navy and "Chip" told me he was born in Japan and had a California SoSo #. Chip was also a navy vet , trained in a submarine (told me about "being down" for 6 month's - wondering where his air was coming from?) ."Chip's" uncle GERALD S. WALKER was a Counter Intelligence consultant in Washington D.C. at that time but, when "Chip's" mother divorced and remarried in 1967 . "Chip's" uncle Gerald was a Naval Intelligence  Officer and at the marriage ceremony, Chip's uncle pulled him to the side and told him,” If you see or hear anything strange or funny about or from Fred, I want you to call me and let me know ASAP". Chip asked "Why"?. Gerald responded with " We have reason to believe that Fred maybe a Hitler double (Doppelganger) , Hitler had about 5 , one was the vaudeville comedian that supposedly stood in for Hitler during the Munich Olympics) ...later when Chip went to live with his mother and stepfather in Pensacola in the late 70's and early 1980's (I met him in 1982) ..anyways , Chip was in Fred's bedroom and seen a jewelry box and his uncle did tell him to keep an eye on Fred , Fred and Delores (Chip's mother had separate bedrooms as Chip stated "she's the "proper wife" ( you can Google satellite the house on Somerset Drive in Pensacola I believe 6900 is the address , Fred comes up anyway when you Google his name and city because he sued B.P. over the oil spill due to damage to his Gulf Shores home (I've been there in 1988 to pick up his Harley to bring back and repair I been in the house and Fred did speak what sounded like german while I was there (even got interrogated by Delores about the true reason I was there ) ....anyways , Chip said when he looked in Fred's jewelry box he seen a "Cameo" of scrimshaw that had a carving on it , Chip described it as very ornate in gold and white scrimshaw , as he was holding it , Fred walked in on him and asked him what he was doing , Chip somewhat startled said " what is this, holding the "Cameo”. Fred took the Cameo from Chip and said "That belongs to my son when I die , it is a carving of "Frederick The Great" (Hitler’s idol) Chip was dumbfounded ....I don't know how he came across the book but, when he told me the title I went to the library and checked it out (The 7th Secret by Irving Wallace ..about the "secret" bunker that nobody knew about as they NEVER recovered the actual bodies of Hitler or Eva Braun) Chip told me Fred immigrated from Germany in 1938 , Fred spoke fluent German and one day they had an article on TV about a race riot and Fred spoke out of the clear blue and said "I have a final solution for them" , again alarms and bells go off in Chip he calls his uncle and tells him this but, your not going to change history if powers above you aren't going to investigate and disclose , Chip believed Fred was / is part of "Operation Paperclip !...I don't know what has happened to my friend Chip , last I heard he was living in Nashville . The only people who knew who the real Hitler was , was his dentist name  Dr Hugo Johannes Blaschke , I remember hearing he died around 1999 or 2000 and the bunker Hitler was allegedly in was buried over shortly after Dr Blaschke  died , I remember it being shown on the news ...I have had to live (exist) with this knowledge since May1989 and you can only imagine how that must feel let alone the stuff I know about the other people in"The Game"...there ...glad I got that out...please share..keep the truth alive and check out that book , "The 7th Secret by Irving Wallace , I believe around page 100-110 is where he refers that Hitler had a double name Strasser also read The Pigeon Project" about how a Russian doctor had found the "secret" to LIVING FOREVER !

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