Friday, September 23, 2016

Will be excercising my Freedom of the Press ,soon , i hope...

Stopping in to check on my baby...i know it's been a while . Been on this journey you see and it's taken me places of great wisdom and sorrow . The meaning of life is unanswerable , you do it the best you can with what you can . Obama wasn't shit'n bout that "change" part of his campaign slogan and as far as the other half of that slogan , i seen a T-shirt one time that i think i will get made up myself ..."Just A Dopeless Hope Fiend"...i remember when people would complain about the "glue - sniffers"(we call them "snue - gliffers") and "potheads"...boy didn't know them was the good old days , now we have "spice-heads"( which breeds "a different kind of "Spice Girls" from the 1990's) and an unGodly abundance of Heroin "over-doers"...i hope i can pass through this way again real soon and share with you my biggest "oo-rah!" these last days . God be with ye and journey well till the next peace and love .

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