Wednesday, September 21, 2011


1 out of 5 stars
by TLynn
You might die before they would take care of you, they will belittle your concerns, and even if it runs in your family it will take forever to get any tests done. Very lazy staff and office manager. They lie about not getting messages and they won't call you back for days if ever. They sometimes say they called but you won't have it on you phone list. Sad! A good attorney for anyone neglected or abandoned is an idea!
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neglected in the USA - 04/29/11
I totally agree. I have had to go to the ER several times because I could not get in to see the doctor. They DO NOT return phone calls and they are kinda rude and belittle people, like we don't know what's going on in our own bodies. I guess because we don't have insurance and we can't afford to go to a "real doctor's office" , we don't deserve adequate care. Thanks for nothing.
soscared - 07/05/11
You would not believe the hell this place is putting me through, dr recently resigned and got cut off meds, they drug tested me and said come back positive for pcp then done blood screen at hospital 10 mins later, said come back negative for everything but urine test did show I had my meds in my system, wish I could afford a good attorney, don't believe my doc resigned because he wanted to, had to go to er the office told them I was going through withdrawl with BP 220/111 how do you go through withdrawl if nothing is in your system , I printed out a paper showing generic effexor will show false positive for pcp, nobody can explain any of this to me..... 
NOW ! ...... What did REALLY happen with the alleged doctor Hal Baumann , that supposedly "resigned"/ "retired"? I've recently found out , he has a reputation ALL the way inside Branchville Correctional Facility !
Now , I've had words with Family Health Center , Christopher Drake, Chief Operations Officer over a patient being "dumped" , who Dr. Baumann put her on some serious DRUGS that can kill you if stopped abruptly and kill (MURDER) you if you KEEP on taking them. As you can see from the review I got off the Yahoo search , a couple of other patients (VICTIMS) are still possibly without a doctor and meds ,"IF" they're still alive .
 If my math serves me well enough , I'd venture that the percentage is about ten times the amount of reviewers that posted and weren't deleted like my review was (but, I copied and printed it just in case) . Now Chris Drake CLAIMED HE WOULD HELP HER FIND A NEW DOCTOR said he would "call" me back in regard to helping the former patient he "Discharged" (I tape recorded it, criminals won't voluntarily admit anything)  BUT...HE DIDN'T AND HASN'T and FOR SURE WON'T after reading this AND he will, someone who "monitors" this site WILL tell him. She had to go through the phone book herself to find a doctor. AND SHE IS SUFFERING in the meanwhile. As I'm sure the poor souls above in PAIN are .(see footnote)  . I will help them if they ask ..they can email me at I know some crooked shit has been going on at that place and IS STILL GOING ON... I know there "TRACKING" (GANGSTALKING) this former victim through hospital and doctors computers (DOCTORSKNOWUS.COM) and by "BLACKBALLING" her as they do anyone they want to murder to silence them and keep there "RENT" paid and their BMW's/Mercedes . You doctors ARE the ANTI-CHRISTS, you've forsaken God for Hippocrates and you'll pay for it in HELL! Maybe I'll see you there , although I believe in Christ. Can any doctor out there truly say they believe in Christ? Without being ostracized ! I hated to have to resort to this , but when the "POWERS THAT BE , play God over people in PAIN, I don't have much choice , especially when their intent is to KILL OFF these people with "Obama-Care and Mitch Daniels fucked up way of balancing the budget on the "meek" and sick and homeless . Remember , he was a cabinet member of George W. Bush's regime in charge of "finance" in the Whitehouse and you see how well he did for the United States and Indiana . Places like Lifespring , Wellstone , and the Health Centers statewide . The people that run (ruin) those places still get payed good money and for them that's what it's all about , "WEALTHCARE"! ..I'll be back patients . I pray the Lord your soul to keep...stay vigilant ,,,your friend Karl

footnote:  Labeling people as "BIPOLAR" is a DEROGATORY modern GENERIC-Blanket-"fits all" term that IS NOT a true diagnosis , it is made up by "ALIENIST "(see: who misdiagnose what IS POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER , which ANYBODY in pain has from the trauma of knowing that the pain will most likely be a permanent chronic condition , occasionally becoming ACUTE , and you might have to take medicine for it the rest of your life , which NOBODY in their right mind wants to do , which if you have a physical ailment , you most definitely will have a mental ailment attached to the situation, hence SITUATION DEPRESSION = P.T.S.D. + TOURETTES (sudden outbursts and or profanity/anger and "TIC's") ... there ARE NO good Psychiatrists these days , unless you have the "continuity" of one for most of the rest of your life .


What Is Medical Abandonment? | Indiana Medical ... - Keller & Keller - Cached - Block all results
Medical abandonment is a form of medical malpractice in which a medical professional leaves a patient in need without proper notice or new medical care.

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