Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The DrJRx Fish Oil update....2 people are pissed !

 , Well it's been awhile since I posted about "fishoil" supplements. I was wrwrwr-wrong !I've since found out the person I was being "bullshitted" by  is a traitor he was selling me the fish oil at a rip-off price and giving it away to other people and he wanted me to be a "distributor" , a"MLM" -"Pyramid scheme" if you will.I found out a lot about this character during the course , all bad ! As it is said in the Bible , in the end days many false friends would appear, and they are . I'm proud (?) to say I'm still learning this life thing . "Trials and tribulations /errors . Guess I'll only get it right in the end ! The reason I picked this subject for this post is I found out that if you got GOUT , the PURINES in fish oil and other foods (please look it up on a search engine for more details) can cause a GOUT "FLARE UP" , so you need to really scrutinize your diet and if you've got Gout reevaluate taking fish oil , and especially if your doctor is prescribing Lovasa and also treating you for Gout and your paying $$$ for him to keep your business . So in closing , good health , keep your wealth(from your Gout doctor) and journey well..Karl

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