Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Dear   Jgames

I came in sometime ago this March in the year of our Lord 2013 . The receptionist said she would have you call me to look at my COMPLETE file and get copies of ALL that I needed . I knew you wouldn’t call , as I’ve been waiting since November 2012 for your last call in regard to “dr(?)” Manshadi .
I’ve been controlling my “tourettes”syndrome pretty good considering what I’m dealing with . Gangstalkers everywhere .
I remember during our 1st ‘session” I asked if you knew these words . Alienist , Ibogaine and “gangstalking”. You said you didn’t , but would look them up . Now I’ve come to the conclusion that you know what they meant and are lying about not knowing or you are woefully ignorant and don’t care what they mean and their significance or you did look them up , didn’t tell me and even worse you still really don’t care . Which makes you a negligent fraud to the point of being a ‘white collar” criminal . Seven Counties has a very big “racket” going on , especially here at this West “END” office . A monopoly over the miserably mentally ills money and mental “treatment”. So that makes ALL you conspiring in this RICO enterprise a gang of miserable parasitic payees over the mentally ill in Seven Counties of Kentucky . At a 5% administration fee off the TOP that is an ungodly amount of “skimming” I’m sure by Seven Counties . And then there’s the state and federal welfare checks you all fraudulently claim and other health  insurance fraud to add on top of that and still even worse those that pay out of pocket by the “sliding scale fee” and the “fool price treatment” . You all should be audited and analyzed .
Well , from proofreading this letter I can see I didn’t “cuss” a lot . I’m sure upon reading this “Red Letter” today , now , is truly a “Kodak Moment” . So if you want to be an even bigger help to others that are made to come here . Just laminate this letter in plastic and “Krazy” glue it to your fingers and stick it in a giant paper shredder . Like I said to the  “counterfeit Christian lawyer” , if I see you in the next  life after this one , I’ll know I’m in hell .
                                                                                                          ..always a friend ..
                                                                                         Client #

SEVEN COUNTIES IS NOW in CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN MORALLY BANKRUPT and while your at it ask them about IBOGAINE and watch how stupid they get . FUCK ALL YOU LOWLIFES AT SEVEN COUNTIES that goes for you Scott Hedges and Richard Holton . Get your dog to read this you greedy LAWYER . 

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