Saturday, June 1, 2013

John Olash Attorney and Counselor Of Law Louisville Kentucky

 I'm not usually in the habit of promoting lawyers, but John Olash is an exception I have to make . Me and John go all the way back to 1988. He was a public defender then . I gave him a hard time . He wanted me to plead and with good reason . He'd never done a trial and he figured I'd get more time than was offered by the prosecutor . Well I went to trial and  prevailed even though evidence was suppressed . I believe it gave John the boost he needed for his confidence . John has since represented me against another attorney for malpractice and an automobile accident . Both to my advantage . I try not to use John in my legal issues because I prefer being friends with him and going my legals "pro se" for now . The friendship. I value that more than risking it with a case that might cause the loss of it . John is human and he knows what goes on over at that courthouse . What's he to do ? He can't quit because of the court corruption that he doesn't cause . Oh he's had his shares of being "gangstalked" by opposing "lawyers''. John has integrity and WILL do the best he can to get the best result for you . Now that don't mean you commit a crime and think John is "going to get you off". If your a criminal , John will help you do what's right , not further your criminal profession. If that's what you are , change your line of work . If you've made a bad choice and want to repent and "walk the straight and narrow". John will consider helping . Don't take advantage of my friend and lie to him and make him look like an idiot . You will pay dearly for that . So if you need legal help from a HUMAN I trust . Give John Olash a call at his office  502-583-0037 or in a personal injury emergency his cell is (502) 419-4384 ( please don't call his cell unless it's a physical emergency like an accident) you can reach "Q" his office manager at 472-2445 . Best to you and journey well.

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