Thursday, October 3, 2013

Louisvilles Risk Management Kevin O'Donnell

                                                      NOTICE OF CLAIM

Kevin ODonnell - Owner at Risk And Insurance Solutions,LLC
Louisville, Kentucky Area | Insurance
Current: Owner at Risk And Insurance Solutions,LLC
Education: Eastern Ky. University
Summary: Licensed Insurance Consultant and P&C Agent in Kentucky. Over twenty five years Public entity Risk Management experience as Risk Manager for Louisville Jefferson County Metro Government. 
Risk Management , 2nd floor

  This letter is to inform you that I am making 2 claims for damages DUE TO AN ACT OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT from 2 “strip searches” conducted on me in 1990 . I am making this claim to be applied for RETROACTIVLY on the L.A.G.S.I.T. trust that the LOUISVILLE METRO GOVERNMENT maintains for liability if any of its agents cause damages in the way of Human Rights violations , Civil Rights violations , Constitutional Rights violations and any other Rights Reserved that aren’t enumerated , that are retained by the people . This pertains to 2 claims I made at the time when Jerry Abramson was Mayor and David Armstrong was County Judge Executive When David Arstong became Mayor and Rebecca Jackson became County Judge Executive ,  Rebecca Jackson set aside $11.5 million dollars to settle claims for those strip searches , the men being awarded $10,000 and woman $20,000 respectively AND that is also being another violation right there in the way of sex discrimination , as it wasn’t equal before the law . Now I filed my claim timely and was wrongfully denied and since that time I have come across the “city’s insurance policy” and it states that claims can qualify retroactively all the way back to **** . Now according to this attached complaint from late Councilman Paul Bather shows for a total payout of $12.1 million . Now looking at that 6 other claimants who opted out and filed a separate action , got paid $100,000 each listed in the complaint from Paul Bather , it looks like a WHOLE lot of corruption was being perpetrated by the police and local government that got a “light shined “ on it. Greg Fischer inherited a mess from LOUISVILLE’S most corrupt Mayor ever . Now the lawyer who handled the lawsuit had it qualified as a Class Action and the attorney, Greg Bozle , just so happened to work for the law firm of Brown ,Todd and Frost , the same law firm that Jerry Abramson would go to work for while David Armstrong was Mayor , a clear case of “Conflict of Interest” , since that same firm built up a “war chest” to “install” there “puppet” for the next mayoral election , where by the “DISHONORABLE” Jerry Abramson would CHEAT the fireman of Louisville out of overtime pay to the amount of $14 million and the Louisville Police lawsuit , where $890,000 that has been collected thus far will be returned to police officers. For charging them for “use” of the vehicles for “take home”use .  Then would steer a contract to have stimulus funds of $79 million for Homeland Security right after September 11th , 2001 funneled to Brown , Todd and Frost  law firm , them getting At least a 5% “administration fee”. Then to top it off , Jerry Abramson illegally has a city merger passed to the detriment of the people of Louisville , which all it amounted to was a BIGGER tax , with less services. He even lied about the “Library tax”, coincidental fire the library had to , huh ?
  Anyways back to the task at hand , my claims for 2 illegal strip searches covered by your insurance policy . One occurring on May 10th, 1990 and the other occurring on June 27th, 1990 . The case of May 10th 1990 was a John Q Public warrant erroneously taken out on me and subsequently dismissed , because I  was innocent . The second one of June 27th, 1990 was from a 10 day detention for violating a no contact order , coming from Judge Fitzgerald’s Family Court , which was also I might add was sexually discriminating , as I was sentenced to do 10 days “served” and Ms. Sherrie Brooks only got 10 days suspended for 2 years , and mind you both strip searches occurred WHILE I had a gunshot wound to my left leg and was denied proper medical treatment , while in the custody of Metro Corrections CORPORATION . Now after review of the policy provisions and the amounts paid for the damages , especially if you are physically harmed DUE TO AN ACT OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT , it looks like I’m eligible for payments of $5 million each incident . Not including the constitutional rights and civil rights violations . Now I am a “reasonable “flesh and blood” man” and wanting to remedy this claim in the most expeditious way , am willing to negotiate a “fair settlement” and not wanting to file a suit for “Bad Faith”, but will if forced . I would expect to have this settled around a 30 day time frame from the date to which you verify I was in the custody at the time I am making my claims . Attached is copies of my documents to get you started in the right direction . I hope whoever I have to deal with on this claim(s) is an honorable person an acts in “good faith” to resolve this case.

                                                                                                  Gregory Snyder®
                                                                                                  114 North 26th St.
                                                                                                  Louisville, Ky.[40212]

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