Monday, June 6, 2011

I Kim Fahey and the FIGHT to save "Phonehenge" and Mr. Fahey's life and Family...PLEASE HELP ! Even if it's just a prayer , thanks to ALL !

ALL STATE AND FEDERAL BAR associations are a RACKET and ANTI TRUST claim, as the Pro Se is BIASED the MINUTE they file a complaint , see The Criminal Defendants Bible by Michael Halsey Brown and go to for more info, file COMMERCIAL UCC liens against the "officers"/ agents "BOND" for violating they're OATHES...see Winston Shrout and
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    • IKim Fahey
      ‎, just before I go on the stand Karl, I get the news....I can't say the name of Antonovich...I can't mention the N.A.T. Team chasing people off their land...Oh yeah. Then, I get no witness's, no visit to my property, no 'Exhibit A', my model of the property....The judge at the beginning tells the jury, "No INTERNET, no newspapers, no tv, no radio, no magazines, no talking about case to anyone. What does the D.A. start his questioning on? THINGS I SAID ON will just make me fight that much harder. I have no idea what the jury will make out of my case. I'm an old man now. I care only about my kids and grandkids. This fight is far from over. In fact, its just starting. If we don't turn things around on our watch, the shame will be on us. We won't be able to blame anyone but ourselves...

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                                                                                                                                                                        Karl Von Schmidt
      This "shit"is gonna get me MURDERED for telling ALL you who read this and start applying it to the FUCKIN TYRANTS and DESPOTS , THEY MURDERED TOMMY HAYNES (He's the one on the left in my photos album) Don FitzGerald,his wife Denise Brobst-FitzGerald, a retired Louisville Metro Corrections "finger printer" officer, Charles Zoeller ,a retired Florida Corrections Officer , Daniel Cobble and I are ALL in agreement that he was MURDERED ! Tommy told me he "cracked the code" and 2 months later , he was CIA-d.

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