Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mathew P Adkins...A WITNESS !.... Watch For A MURDER ATTEMPT on Him In Plainfield Correctional Institution....

MATHEW GIVES THE "GRAND HAILING SIGN OF DISTRESS" AND ASKS ...."IS THERE NO HELP FOR THE "WIDOWS SON" ?... ..."TRAVELING WEST TO EAST"..IN THE "APOTHEOSIS of INDIANA..."WHAT DOES IT MEAN" ? ....Nathan (Both !) ,Vickie and Dawn?.....the "boys"( a 21 y/o-undereducated by Jeffersonville Highs immigrants from Louisville, Mentally"circumcised" by "CHILDPLACE") been "Bullet-Holed" 6x , lost a Kidney and several inches of intestines and a "collapsed" lung on July 1st 2010,and has "BEGGED" for DRUG TREATMENT and this is your all's plan for "TREATMENT", that's "CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT"...or "GANGSTALKING" a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.....and I KNOW that YOU ALL KNOW that ALL the CAMERA'S in prisons are linked up with the NATIONAL RECONNAISSANCE ORGANIZATION, THERE "IS" A PERMANANT AUDIO/VIDEO RECORDING AT FORT MEAD (FACT!)

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