Monday, June 6, 2011

These are your Danny Roddens and Sheriff Aubrey's that AREN'T "OATHKEEPERS...

Watch this video and if you don't cry and then become OUTRAGED, then your NOT human , much less an AMERICAN and keep in mind , it's a SEARCH warrant, NOT a DEATH warrant.

REMEMBER , Sheriff John Aubrey AND Sheriff Danny Rodden KNOW about this "blog"{Duh !  I'm under surveillance, tell em'  FBI/CIA wo-man} and Sheriff Aubrey STILL hasn't answered the "Open Letter" whether "He"(Danny too !) will or will NOT take the "Oathkeepers" pledge. Remember, silence is "acquiescence"...We the people of Kentuckiana await BOTH your responses, We "constituents" deserve an answer !...stay vigilant..very vigilant and say a prayer for Jose Manuel Guerena U.S.M.C. {born November 11th,1984-"MURDERED" May 5th,2011}..."God Blessed us with you"...journey well ..Karl 

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