Tuesday, July 26, 2011


When in the course of events in daily life that the "UNITED STATES" , the "STATE" and LOCAL GOVERNMENTS by and through its "officials" and "agents" usurps its power and deprives a "citizen" of ALL their unalienable rights , deprives a citizen of ALL of her remedies by the due process of law and deprives her of equal protection of the law, the "UNITED STATES",the"SATE" and LOCAL GOVERNMENTS commit an ACT of MIXED  WAR against that "sovereign"citizen , and by its behavior , the "UNITED STATES", the "STATE" and LOCAL GOVERNMENTS declares WAR on that citizen . The citizen has a RIGHT to recognize this ACT by PUBLICATION of a SOLEMN  RECOGNITION of MIXED  WAR  . This PUBLIC writing has the same force as the Declaration of Independence . It invokes the citizens U.S. Constitutional 9th and 10th so-called amendments guarantees of the right to create an effective remedy where otherwise none exists . The citizens intent is to regain control of her "STRAWMAN" and file all necessary documents in the "Redemption" process, and regain his sovereign status as a freeman upon Gods creation , Earth . And to further clarify that I am NOT a MASON/ ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR or a member of any other secret society against the Republic of America or the Constitution of the united States of America . I am a citizen of the united States of America and NOT a citizen of the corporate "UNITED STATES" and I'm  NOT a citizen of the "STATE OF KENTUCKY" , but a sovereign of Kentucky . I am a believer of Jesus Christ and his father ,God . As this process continues ,  I will post more notices necessary for the process of "REDEMPTION". Please don't get me wrong , I LOVE my country and MY people for ALL the good that the peoples of America represent to the world , I just don't like this hijacked , perverted  "government" that has deceived my MOTHER , me , my peoples and the world . A government that makes illegal laws against its native Americans and yet the government makes itself exempt from the very laws it creates and uses against us . And , I will be publishing in the near future my notice of "Withdraw of Consent" to this "de facto" government and its laws and jurisdictions . I do QUESTION the so called "National debt" and ALL the illegal amendments and "tampering" of the "organic" Federal and State Constitutions .

  further the affiant sayeth nought , MICHELLE ELAINE PARRISH

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