Friday, February 17, 2012

Vote For Jefferson County Commonwealths Attorney Stephen Ryan

Talked to former Jefferson County Judge Stephen Ryan today . Found out he's running for Commonwealths Attorney for Jefferson County , the "job" David Stengel "usurps" right now. There's been a problem in the office as some attorney's have been abusing the "expungement" process and some haven't been done at all, even after proper filing . (click on the link for further reading    )...I've followed along with Judge Stephen Ryan's career and I know he has his "haters" only because he "is" a GOOD judge. Out of ALL the judges I've "judged" in my lifetime , the only ones I hold in high regard and respect "is" Judge Joan Byer , Judge Virginia Whittnghill and Judge Stephan Ryan . They are the best of ALL the judges in the courthouse in Jefferson County . I felt really sorry for Judge Stephan Ryan because he "inherited" the Ivan Cano case and politics being what they are down at that courthouse , I'm sure ALL the other "Chief" judges "dumped" that case on Judge Stephen Ryan because he was going to be the "sacrificial lamb" , because it was a "nasty" case and none of the judges wanted to be associated with any controversial rulings on that case and Judge Stephan Ryan had to make some unpopular rulings and I admire and respect him for his handling of that case because his rulings WERE within the law AND were fair to the corpus dilecti (the people of the Commonwealth) summary he did an excellent job because the MURDERER of Ivan Cano "is" where he should be , in prison for LIFE (his life anyway) . I don't LIKE David Stengle because he "is" as corrupt as Judge Irv Maze , David Stengel was COMPLICIT  in Tommy Haynes MURDER and cover up and he's guilty of "Gangstalking" me (that's for you Supermike@CCC).....There exists a SERIOUS CONFLICT of INTEREST with David Stengel's office ( and Judge Michele B Stengel (David Stengel's ex-wife....Daniel Cobble's case was placed before her , before being transferred to Judge(?) Anne Haynie(sic).... ) in summary , I believe that Judge Stephen Ryan to be a good and decent man and a very fair administrator of the law no matter who you are . So if I get to vote for him and not be shut out for being an INDEPENDENT..I know he will be a better Commonwealth Attorney for the citizens of Jefferson County Kentucky.... journey well Judge Stephen Ryan and I hope the people get the best to represent them this election and it's NOT David Stengel....Karl



  1. Yep ... nuttier than squirrel shit.
    And Lisa Smith just lied to you.
    Nothing new of course.