Friday, February 10, 2012

"Write -Offs"

As this new year is getting under way , I've been reducing the number of problems in my life, namely people that claim to be my "friends". Take my nephew for instance, he asked me to help him out with $20 on New Years Eve and I did , the next time I saw him after he got out of jail( he claims he's been clean & sober for 30 days) I asked him about the $20 and he gave me a "song and dance" routine and said he'd make it right , I said "you know what , it already "is" alright , we're square", don't come back around here no more " ! He stammered and shook his head like I was wrong as he walked off and said "are you going to be like that"? I replied"FUCK YEAH"!, as I closed the door on his "thug-ass". Now there's the issue of Joe Kidwell, I helped his wife Dr. Peggy Kidwell by getting her a car and keeping it maintained so she could take care of her business and get prepared for "Joe's" release from Ft Dix Fed Pen, long story short , I replaced the starter and brakes on Peggy's car and sold Joe some tools so he wouldn't have to keep borrowing from his neighbor. He owed me a total of $175 for the starter , brakes and tools since September 2011. He has been paying me $20 and $30 a month, he bragged that when he was a "medical marijuana" dispenser in California and that "he grew money", that he said he would make me a 3rd partner with him and David Clancy for helping him on his case, he was supposed to pay me the last $25 he owed me this month. (5 months to pay $175) I haven't heard from him , probably because he called me and asked "how much I'd charge him to unplug the ignition key alarm in Peggy's car"? and when I heard that on my answering machine , I said to myself "he hasn't even squared up with me on what he owes me now and he thinks I'm going to spend $10 of my own gas money to make $50"! ( because I told him "I'm not even going to pick up my tool bag for less than $50 to start anymore") so when he calls again and he'll have to ,because I'll be damned if I'm going to call and have to chase down $25 from a "con" , unless he reads this , which I doubt because he isn't computer literate except for porn. He's a big let down , all's he could talk about the first day he got out of prison on the bus ride home was "how horny" he was , that I know is a recipe for trouble. When he got back here he got into "it" with his wife Peggy, who "waited" for him 8 years (she met him while he was doing a "stint" in Lagrange ) the things he said to her while I was standing there was alarming . He "is" a self avowed "Athei$t" also and when he called my house while I wasn't there and spoke to my ex-wife, the stuff he said to her made me literally nauseous . The stuff he said to her that he done in prison(sic) has made me decide for $25 , I'll "write" him off also. I try and get along with everybody , no matter whether they are religious or not , except "Satan" worshipers,"fuck them".Some of the people that I took up for on here , have showed their true "colors"and have been a disappointment to say the very least. But, through no fault of my own , I just don't think I want to meet anymore new people , as the old saying goes " no good deed goes unpunished", I prove it EVERY time. Murphy's Law says's friends come and go , enemies accumulate", that is a true statement. So please , don't be offended if I don't want to shake your hand at an introduction , it might not be you , but me, maybe , you'll know.....journey well...Karl

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