Friday, March 2, 2012

"God" ! .......hear our prayers.....

....Be with the souls that were picked up from Earth on this day of judgement, for the bereaved families of those gone and those left behind on this "Day of Tornado's" , give those less fortunate and worse off love, help , faith and understanding of your higher power and the peace of mind that there loved ones that were taken from them at your discretion meaning ,give mercy and the will to go on and meet you and those that you took with you today to heaven....may peace and love still be the source that keeps their heart beating till it's last heart beat and they are reunited , in heaven . Honor those you lost by remembering ALL the great moments you had and will have for memories the rest of your lives...for we are ALL meek...and at the end of your journey here on Earth , thank your God..."and let it be"

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