Wednesday, July 6, 2011


"Well  "Agent" James"Judas Iscariot"(DEA+CIA+FBI=PYSCHOPATHIC "TRAITORS" ) . I knew you was DISHONORABLE ,you proved that yourself....what did you get for saleing out Karen Sypher , "Colloidal Silver" for your "Blue's".Thank you for "CONFIRMING" the "MONITORING" of me AND the use of "HIGH ENERGY WEAPONS" aimed at me, the ONLY ones that would speak or use such a term "IS" a UNITED STATES agent . EVERYBODY at Topix .com of Russell Springs will know they were right about you , thanks to these statements by a "Ms "Iscariot' , another former "Gangstalked" employee that knows you inside and out . Don FitzGerald said you told him and he told me , that you had $75,000 of your "own" money tied up in Karens case . You stated yourself , down at the Louisville Hotel that Don FitzGerald called you and told you about Karen's case , after. I took her to a "Jurisdictionary" meeting . I asked Don , "what's with Jim, I told him about the 99cv95case and asked for the "Fidelity Investment" documents , of which you said you had laying right on your seat beside you saying Judge Charles Simpson had stock in and you never produced them.  Don says,"well Jim's a "LITTLE" "funny" about things ("REALLY" ! ? ). Well , It's easy to see how you got your $75 "grand" back ! So are you going to have me "MURDERED" now ?
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Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 11:58 AM

You are far crazier than I thought. Do you honestly believe anyone has "sold her bond"? What bond? Maybe the high energy weapons scrambled your brain.
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Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 08:24:58 -0700 (PDT)
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If you are no longer involved in her case , WHO is? So I can tell her, and when did you quit?

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Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 5:18 AM

I am no longer involved in her case.
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Karen absolutely needs this book 911/ASAP, it is about $110 . Will you get it for her YES or NO. She also needs her personal belongings out of Darlene's or Your trunk of whoevers trunk there in sent to Judy's house . Judy has asked that you or someone call , besides texting her , would you do that ?

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Subject: Metcalf case

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The case I need a copy of is styled '' '' '' ''99cv95 Bradford Metcalf v Judges Danny Boggs / Jdg Boyce Martin / Jdg Charles Simpson / Jdg John Heyburn . Last known appeal court in Cinncinnati in the first part of year 2000. Much appreciated ,****

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Hi ! Jim , I was wondering if I could get some copies of some paperwork from Karen's case , particularly the link of Jdg Simpson's stock portfolio or at least where to get it , I'll pay for the cost of copies and postage if you can  do that for me . And , that Brad Metcalf case I keep keep n' on about , could you or Mr Nolan help track down that RICO/Bivens suit he file against Jdg's Danny Boggs , Boyce Martin , Simpson and Heyburn . I came across some notes recently and it was appealed to the 6th circuit of Cinncinnati in 1999 , after it left Jdg Boggs "hands" . If you go to Wikipedia and read about Boggs , he got into some trouble over improper conduct and "late" responses in 2000 . Jim , your help would be greatly appreciated . I was hoping since I helped on Karen's case , we could reciprocate .

Re: Document Requests from 10/28/10 to current

I'm out of town till weds. Call me then.
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From: Karl Von schmidt <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 17:14:50 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Document Requests from 10/28/10 to current

Well ,I think I been really patient waiting for the "simple" requests I've made to you . I wish you would just tell me the "simple" truth . Do you have the Bradford Metcalf RICO complaint and the "Fidelity Investment" documents ? WHY ...can't I get them ? Your "HONOR" is on the line here . If I don't hear from you after this email , it's self explanatory .                                sincerely............?

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Hi Karl,
Amy confirmed you as a friend on Facebook.

Amy Mischler


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 11:04 PM
Well ,I think I been really patient waiting for the "simple" requests I've made to you . I wish you would just tell me the "simple" truth . Do you have the Bradford Metcalf RICO complaint and the "Fidelity Investment" documents ? WHY ...can't I get them ? Your "HONOR" is on the line here . If I don't hear from you after this email , it's self explanatory .                                sincerely...........****

Amy Mischler
Amy MischlerFebruary 11, 2011 at 11:14am
Re: Karens Case
I don't know honestly what can be done for her right now. The way Jim and Darlene has handled this has been a disaster right from the start. I had no say so in anything. They should have focused in the ineffective assistance of counsel from the get go and got that going before going after the corruption.

Amy Mischler
Amy MischlerFebruary 11, 2011 at 11:16am
Re: Karens Case
She needs a competent and well respected attorney. This forcing stuff down the medias throat ruined that. Jim was doing what was best to get media attention, for himself. It isn't what was best for her.

Amy Mischler
Amy MischlerFebruary 11, 2011 at 12:13pm
Re: Karens Case
Besides this****, Karen could have insisted that Jim keep me on after he fired me. She didn't. Further, you would be surprised at the negative things that have been said about everybody around her by her and Jim. If you ask them, everybody is trying to have sex with her and use her to make money.

Amy Mischler
Amy MischlerFebruary 16, 2011 at 1:48am
Subject: radio broadcast
****, did you listen to that radio broadcast of Karen and Jim. Does Jim and Darlene not realize how much they are hurting Karen pissing of the judge right before he sentences

Amy Mischler
Amy MischlerFebruary 16, 2011 at 9:44am
Re: Radio show..
I agree with that. Even the American Bar Association was paying attention and wrote about what the Appeals Court said. Jim and Darlene are trying to get a reality tv show where they are "saving" people. The sad thing is that they martyring Karen. Do you think she realizes it?

Amy Mischler
Amy MischlerFebruary 18, 2011 at 12:41pm
Subject: today

I know wild horses couldn't keep you from the sentencing today. But please, don't get in trouble. I am sure security will be on high alert. Any protest or demonstration that Jim Faller may be trying to get people to do- it's not worth getting arrested over. Faller is a criminal. Just trust me on this. Faller is not worth two cents, much less getting arrested. You were exactly right on his phone. There is more than that I have uncovered.


Amy Mischler
Amy MischlerFebruary 19, 2011 at 1:07pm
Re: court
Actually, I do know that he spends time in Russia. I thought the biggest argument that she was not competent during the trial because of the multiple proceedings against her. Her attorney should have requested the fed judge to order a stay of state proceedings.

Jim and Darlene are trying to get a reality tv show. Jim is scam artist. I don't he has ever heard of Brad Metcalf, much less has his case. I can't disclose more than Jim is a scam artist, He has been one both in the US and overseas

Amy Mischler
Amy MischlerMarch 2, 2011 at 8:16am
Re: Representing me ?
I am out of state and unemployed. I am not sure what help I can give anyone, but tell me your idea.

Amy Mischler
Amy MischlerMarch 3, 2011 at 11:52am
Re: Contract !
I do not want any contact with three stooges at all. Jim is dangerous in my opinon.
 Contract !
I'll contract with you for $1million split $350,000 for you and $650,000 for me and you contract with Karen's "legal" team for the information I know that I believe will "clear" her and she can "recover"damages$$$$$$$$+ and we get our contract payed 1st . I believe I figured out what Steve Pence was doing there and the UCC process to clear Karen , if interested , let me know , you can be the "go between" me and the "3 Stooges".....
    • I do not want any contact with three stooges at all. Jim is dangerous in my opinon.
    • Karen Sypher  Have you heard when she has to report?

I talked to her last night , she said she thinks it's around first week of April , I told her that I would be sending her my recommendations of what I believe her "legal team"(sic) needs to do to turn this around and get the real criminals (ie: Kolter,Pitino,TimsSypher,Thomas Clay, Simpson,...etc.) all and all, she doesn't need to go to prison, she's got Annabelle to protect from those perverted molesters.
Amy MischlerMarch 9Amy Mischler                                                                                                        Well, the sad thing is that Jim gets media attention whether she goes to jail or not. Does she still trust them? I mean, I think the press conference at the church went really bad and hurt her.
Trust ! ...No , none of them, I told her she didn't even have to trust me but, if she wanted to use any of my advice to defend herself , that's all of my intention , I mean don't get me wrong, the million I talked about in helping her , I wanted from Jim , I believe if she gets cleared of this conspiracy , she'd do the right thing and reward me for my help and if not , I won't lose no sleep. I just HATE the 6th Circuit and ALL it's MASONIC occupants for their treasonous acts .     
Amy Mischler
March 2 Amy Mischler
A friend sent me a BOP link that said that Karen had already been picked up by the BOP and was in transit. Is this right? I really expected Jim and Darlene to set up a media circus when she reported to get the most media exposure for her buck. Just wondering if you knew anything.
                                                                                                                                   Amy MischlerJune 9Sent from Chat
Amy Mischler   delete your post, emailing you.
     Don't put anything on my wall concerning Jim Faller. Send it to me by email or     message me.
Amy Mischler  June 13   Amy Mischler
A COUPLE claim that they are paying the price for objecting to plans to build 12 houses on land beside their converted chapel after the landowner decided to fence in their garden.
Amy Mischler June 13   Amy Mischler
    • So why did you ask about Konrad? And why did you post it on my wall? For the whole world to read??
Amy Mischler  June 14    Amy Mischler
o       waiting . . . . . . . I sincerely hoping that you are not playing me

Karl Von Schmidt   June 14 Karl Von Schmidt
                                                                                                                                                I have somethings to do at the moment but, I'll send you a message tonight...I want to KNOW what you know about Jim's criminal activities that you have 1st hand knowledge of and what happened between you two after the "press conference" at the Louisville Motel when you said "you had to practically sign your life away to get your last paycheck" ...cause as I've found out , he has a history of this , he's done that to a lot of other people that "worked" for him ...I want to know what you know about that"arrogant low-life"...
                                                                                                                                            Amy Mischler  June 1  Amy MischlerNothing happened after the press conference. I never signed anything to get my last pay check, although I was under duress to do so. I refused. He fired me on a Wed. after the Friday IRS raid. He withheld my check and cut off my telephone while he had my co-workers husband breaking into my home on several times to terrorize me before and after. I couldn't even call the police I was under so much stress, and he was the one behind it. I didn't realize it until later. I saw nothing overtly criminal. I mean, I believed him.
Amy Mischler June 14   Amy Mischler
o       It was only after I bought a cell phone from wal-mart so I could call the police if they broke in while I was home; he got my number from Darlene Price [another fake], he started leaving all these crazy text messages. It is only then that I realized he was fake- the messages reminded me exactly of my ex husband in a rage. Nothing would surprise me about this guy.

Karl Von Schmidt    June 15 Karl Von Schmidt
o       What do you mean PLAYING you..? You tell me Jim is a CRIMINAL, then you leave me to investigate what you mean as a "CRIMINAL" I Google Jim's name and what "pops" up. "Topix .com of Russel Springs and the "trail" back to Florida and Georgia, so I start doing my "math" and I wonder..."what ALL does Amy know about Jim's criminal activities...I took up for Jim , even as far as going to proclaim him an honorable man and he'll do what's right , I'm STILL trying to help a mother be reunited with her daughter , as you should've been with your sons. From the 1 st time I met you at Don Fitzgeralds "pro se" meetings and we talked at length and I shared with you while my SOON TO BE MURDERED friend Tommy Haynes was sitting there with us wanting to help you with you being "gangstalked" by people around you. I have since come to the conclusion that Don and the rest of his are "imposters". I DON'T trust John Yuen , Don ,Denise or Charles anymore . If you have information of crimes that Jim committed that were FELONIES and they weren't reported , I want to know about them as that is affecting Karen AND Me and a man that has been in prison for 12 years now AND as I'm sure you know is "MISPRISION OF A FELONY". I have pretty good "instincts" when I know something’s wrong, and when I see BCT show up on my caller ID , then British Ceramic Tile , I immediately think "money laundering". then you state you know he's been making trips to Europe and Russia , ALL kinds of "Red Flags" pop up and after reading his background of getting up front "advances" for loans to people that they was never going to get, then I knew. Where's he getting this money to go overseas if he's "broke". Don told me he had $75000 of his "own" money invested in Karen's case , where did he get the money , what's in it for him"(obviously control over her "signature" for a "reaping" of part of her damages) . I'm still going to help Karen on her case , 1st IT IS MY DUTY in the interest of justice , 2nd , the courts need a "HOUSECLEANING" and if I can participate in anyway to affect that change for others , then great and 3rd, of course I'm not stupid ! , if I am financially compensated , that money is going to be used to protect ME and MY witnesses in MY cases . Now if you want to help , it would be more than appreciated by Karen , her mother , me and the people that support her and KNOW that this IS WRONG . I suggest , to be a "hero ,instead of a zero" , "HELP" , I'm sure you'd appreciated to if you had people with integrity and "battlefield" attitude for justice , because wether you agree or not , "bible quotations are NOT going to "convert" people that have no soul"(although I appreciate you for being a Christian) but you need to realize , there IS a holy war against EVERYBODY that believes in Christ , especially in the courtroom with ALL those "Brandeis Zionists" Freemasons it's called "Tobbe Shebbe Goyim Harog", read your Babylonian TALMUD ! if you want to help "We the People" would be grateful beyond words , if you don't want to help, that reflects on you ....stay vigilant...cause you I'm sure of it now , have the "goods" on Jim and YOU KNOW the truth ALWAYS comes out...G
Karl Von Schmidt  June 15 Karl Von Schmidt
o       I was informed that Jim Faller was at the "Derby" with with "Count Konrad" (Googled him, same as Jim!) and Jim said he seen Judge Charles Simpson in Rick Pitino's "Luxury Box . Now what do you make of that ?
Amy MischlerJune 15  Amy Mischler
1) I never stated he made trips to Europe and Russia. I do know lived in Europe for a period. 2) There are things that I am not at liberty to tell you, which is a matter of integrity. 3) Konrad was suppose to come to the Equastrian games but didn't. Konrad along with Jim are being investigated by the IRS concerning the call center. Apparently, the payroll taxes disappeered from an escrow account. Jim is claiming that the IRS raid was a result of Karen's case. That is not true.
The number one thing to help Karen is to get Jim/Darlene and their flunky out of her case. Otherwise, they are going to seriously hurt her in her appeals case and blow her one chance at a 2255. I will not be involved with anything in her case as long as those three are.
o       Look at PACER in Jim's Florida case under latest filing. There are some notices of exhibits that got "misplaced" by the Clerk. That will clarify some things about Jim.
o       Last, let's make this clear. I am anointed of God of the cases that he places in front of me to do. I am no, fair weather Christian as all she does is place bible verses on her fb page. I am the real deal. And as the real deal, it would be foolish of me put at risk my projects in place. With everything that happened with Faller, Price, Nolan and Karen turning her back on me I don't trust anyone involved with that matter. It's nothing personal, it is just the situation. But don't just believe me. Pray about it and see what God tells you.
      Amy MischlerJune 15   Amy Mischler
                        Jim told you he saw Simpson in Pitino's box?
                                                                                                                              Karl Von Schmidt June 15Karl Von Schmidt
Me and "Jim" DO NOT talk anymore , he IS a DISHONORABLE creature, an enemy of mine if you will , as Christ had his . His name from here on will be "Judas" of Iscariot. And I can not give my source ,you can believe it or not , I have no reason to lie about that . But , you understand how serious the ramifications of "THAT" impropriety(conspiracy. They're ALL "cut of the same cloth" . It is hard as you can bear witness , that it is hard to be a Christian when your surrounded by "Devils in Disguise", surely your aware of what I mean , your surrounded your self as I can see , Jim is a prime example, besides your "X". You trusted Jim and he "sacrificed" you for VERY selfish reasons , he exploits EVERYTHING and as un-christian as you may think of me for saying it , I hate him and his "ilk", I'll deal with that on my dying day but, to carry on my "Christian War" to "Crusade for Christ"(only Christians and Moslums do it -ie:"the "Cross and Koran")) , you've got to "pick up the sword" to keep the word alive or if your "pacifistic" the word dies with you, the end !....I hope you can understand , if even a little , of where I'm coming from and why I have a "Militant-Defensive" attitude. These days , not many men or woman will "sacrifice" their life for the defense of Christians, they'd surrender there souls for money or protection and they deserve neither ..anyways ,,stay vigilant and best of health..Greg
Amy Mischler  June 15  Amy Mischler    Did you check his PACER case?
Karl Von Schmidt    June 16   Sent from Chat
                                                                                                                                                  Karl Von Schmidt   If I understand right you've got to have an account to "go on" PACER and I don't , but , there's enough on the internet and where he responded on while he was /is in Russelville , that pretty much incriminates him . As I've said , I wrote him a "cop out" letter where he either answered and if he didn't , he was dishonored by silence and ignoring me . So be it. His 15 minutes where up when he did that and fired you ! I knew when he said , "Amy isn't with us anymore, to me that means either "passed away" or "passed on"without explanation . When he and Darlene called me on conference call and took my statement and discarded me after he got what he wanted...
Amy MischlerJune 16  Amy Mischler
Sounds like classic Darlene and Faller . . . .
..."Is it "Darlene Faller" or "Jim Price" ?



  1. Jim is now part of a business call Avante Garde where they are opening aesthetic medical spa's accoss KY.

  2. I spoke to several tv stations and a reporter at cj. They all said you are a nuisance and a want to be. They all said youre not taken as credible by anyone. Maybe you and the nut that threw tar on the courthouse can work together.

    J.S.Faller II

  3. He keeps going on and on (seven emails) about how he’s going to sue me for libel and slander. Never mind that Amy Mischler told me/alleged he was involved in Karen’s book deal.

    Here’s the allegation, which backs me up on my original story 100%:

    Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 18:13:44 -0800 (PST)
    From: A Mischler
    To: Jacob Payne

    Did you know about this? She sold her rights to Jim Faller. I bet the author’s name is a pseudonym.

  4. The above is a "snippet" from ....emails transpiring between James Faller . Amy Mischler and Jacob Payne

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