Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DRUG's,non-user's,use and Abuse...

The "salve" for America's illness? Drug problems have gone up from one source I read , about 30% since just last year! I won't waste words with who's benefiting the most from this war, I just want to point out some things I see going on . America used to make EVERYTHING we needed , now you can't even by a pair of shoes without a "container" ship docking. Jobs exported for "slave" labor by "Corporate America", people homeless,hungry,"Corn Syrup" sick and "Wealthcare fraud" . America is miserable and "mentally" ill and they are treating their ills by either legal drug dealers(DEA licensed Drs) or "self medicating" .PEOPLE are really hurting these days , whether it be physically or mentally . I'm not condoning stealing, but that young woman that died in the Harrison Co. jail, SHOULD NOT have, jail personnel were alerted to this woman's symptoms and she was mistreated , period!  Walmart has a  policy Not to apprehend  "shoplifters" if the value of  items is under $25 ,  when I 1st  heard of this tragedy, my thought was ,she's somebodies daughter, probably a young mother herself and no husband . She stole an "outfit for her baby" for Christ sake. But, she had "very dangerous " drugs on her person ,that she didn't want to be caught with, so she did what she  shouldn't of and now  kids are orphaned, the jail  will most definitely be sued and righteously so. It's going to have far reaching consequences .According to Skolnick's Report.com , Coca Cola imports(and Pepsi)tons of coca leaves from South America to Stepan Chemicals in North Chicago and Maywood Chemicals in New Jersey. They de-cocanize(separate the cocaine from the leaves) to make the "syrup flavoring" that goes into the soda's .Now back to the "Coke" , that's 100% pure pharmaceutical "Coke" that takes a trip on down Hwy 63 , to Eli Lilly's plant , a little north of CLINTON, Indiana where it's used in the medical industry.(wouldn't want to get a tooth pulled or stitched up or no epidural without its benefit right?) Then there's the "leakage" between Chicago and Indiana(about a 100 miles worth) that hits the streets(Cicero 1st) on down the pipeline. Now Afghanistan and Opium , stats are that about 1/2 the troops in Afghanistan will return with an opium addiction(the worst monkey in the world to have on your back), when kids in impoverished country's can consume a small amount of opium to stave off hunger pains , that should be a clue as to the good and bad of the power of a drug , where kids might get to eat 15 days out of a month and the rest of the month substitute opium for food. Opium will never stop , it's to important to medicine and culture, it's god "fruit" to man-"kind" ,To learn more, go to Skolnick's Report.com and read the beginning of the courts,theCIA andCocaCola, also at I believe Opium.com -Opium Past ,Present and Future. Of particular , read about the "Super Poppy"  that Johnson and Johnson "pulled the plug" on...Journey Well my People...Karl 

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  1. I saw the story on the girl that died in the Harrison County Jail. I am not so sure it was the jail's fault. That is the problem with our irresponsible youth today. They want to be adults, want to have unprotected sex, 3 times apparently and then claim she had to shoplift to clothe them. I just don't buy it. I was a single mom once of two children. I decided I wanted better for my kids. I went to college and got a good job and my kids are proud of me for it. It wasn't always easy, but nothing ever is. I never one time thought to steal, thats not teaching your children the right way. I never turned to drugs either, thats the easy way out. You are right though, self-medication is exactly many people's answer to everything. :)