Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marijuana/Marihuana ? an observation..

I'm not going to discuss the legalization of "it" here. What my observations are that after reading about its history and use by people , there's pro and cons about "it". After reading the "Elkhorn Manifesto" , it does have valid use.Before the end of WW2 , the U.S. government promoted heavily amongst farmers , the U.S. Agriculture film "Hemp For Victory" , as "hemp was used for of course rope , sailcloth ,textiles, paper , oil/fuel ,cattle feed and on and on. Until the end of WW2 , it was Kentucky's number one cash crop , tobacco being 2nd .Then the treasury assumed "jurisdiction" and made it illegal for corporate , political and cultural reasons . The Negroes from the south New Orleans area and jazz musicians were targeted  by the newly created"Narcotics Bureau" of the U.S.Treasury. And polar opposite of the U.S. Agri-culture , the Narcotics Bureau produced the film "Reefer Madness" with the help and $upport of Randolph Hearst(paper /mill) Standard Oils Rockefeller and Prescott Bush and J.P.Morgan . Contrary to peoples belief that "its" not addictive or deadly , are not being realistic in today's "modern" world , Marijuana in the generic pill form called "Dronabinol"-brand name "Marinol" is deadly if more than 50mgs are taken, the "pills" look like 'pearls" , they come in sizes up to 10mgs, it is usually prescribed to cancer patients for nausea and appetite control , also for HIV/AIDS patients but , not for any other use . The other deadly consequence is the money value as a commodity for "pot" dealers , now more than ever , when a dealer is targeted by a robber , usually the robbery is violent , because the robber not only wants the "weed" but, the money too , with life at risk on both sides of the crime . If money was not the currency at the moment , then in a chaotic breakdown of order , Marijuana will be more valuable than gold . (at 1 time gold and Marijuana was the same price per ounce circa 1990) They say it is a "gateway" drug and that has merit to it but , any drug that a user gets their 1st "Euphoric High" off of can be said about that "drug" also . Like the Coca plant , the Opium plant and so on "it" is a "gift of god" and is the "fruit" of the plant , which god gave "dominion" over . It will never be eradicated , because the sheer number of people using  and glorifying "it" . It's amazing how it will "enlighten" some "artists" while at the same time make some stupid people even more "absent minded" .(what I just say?) Oh yeah ; ) ! Industrial hemp was recently passed by the legislature of Kentucky , secretly of course , so the next logical step is to "Marilize Legajuana" / decriminalize "it" and tax and regulate "it", since it is overcrowding the prisons amongst the "real"prisoners" (ie: murderers , robbers and rapists) .So if you've read this , I urge you all to look up  R. Wm. Davis "The Elkhorn Manifesto" and "The Unauthorized Biography of George H.W.Bush by Webster Tarplay ....journey well my friends..Karl

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