Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Access Denied" "CCC"...

Well , supermike and coltsfan and the professor proved my case today , if you don't "conform" to there double standards , Hell with you ,go someplace else . Good deal for those "gangstalkers" , my posts are getting views and making them $$$ to boot. If one of their "cronies" get 'in" , nothing will change because these "profilers" "mining" data through their site , in essence there's a "spook" in the bunch , maybe more than one . "WhatChaNeed" ,called elias a "wanker", against their own policy of name calling , well "whatChaNeed" is a "wankdretti". I tried to see their point of view but , I can't get my head up my ass that far , "sp-ike" said when I called the cops over in "D-evil", the "Keystone Cops" he took it personally , I KNOW there's good cops in "De-vil" but their the ones who post about them more than I do. So sp-ike, whatUneed, rieverfox, cindyboohoo(keep yer mask on please) quagmire, gumshoe, BM heights, roundtriangles, I know what all your IQs are , your a bunch of "smartassed"  "Jerry's Kids"and if I had to pick a jury of my peers, you "frauds" couldn't make it passed "voir dire"....stay tuned, they're not the only ones on my "shitlist.. there's the "gay Jerry" and his Jerry Springer "circumcised hot dog "eatin' ZOG "mob...stay vigilant..GMBz

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