Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Got This By "Pony Express"...the document is on

I don't know where to begin on this one but , it doesn't surprise me in the least these days . This is a "classic" example of "gangstalking" in "Portland"-Louisville , Ky. Note what is said about the "Mexicans" ,  "not getting payed" , pay attention , because I've been hearing this go on with young workers of all ethnicity/color..etc. The Hack's at A&H Rv committed insurance fraud after the "windstorm" of 2008 , the house out in front of A&H was insured and they had Tim Kutzburger get on the roof  and "damaged" the roof to "collect" on the insurance . They paid to have the whole roof replaced but , Hack had Tim just "patch" the roof with tar . Long story short , Tim didn't get payed and when Hack was confronted about the money owed to Tim , he "pulled" out a sheriff's badge that Danny Rodden gave him , course I knew he had to be lying and when I called and asked Sheriff Rodden if Hack was a sheriff , he said "no", he wasn't .(of course I recorded the conversation)  So it seems "capitol-ism" takes on the meaning some Russians foreseen , before it's over with , if the people don't resist or revolt there won't be no middle class , it'll be the "sovereign elite" and U.S. slaves .As far as that "vet" goes , they were doing spay/neuters and the animals DIED and the owners would be jerked around for 2 or 3 days before they were told the truth . That would be the "West End" veterinary owned by Julie Jane of Georgetown , Indiana . (I've still got the newspaper article on that) The topic for this post is a document that can be found at  Scribd , under KarlVonSchmidt , I just signed up for their account to post documents , so I'm still learning to use their service , so please bear with me till I get the technique "write"...stay vigilant... Karl.

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