Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In response to Clark County Chatter,,

Well here we go , since the "Gangstalkers" at Clark County Chatter , wont let me post without a moderators (aka;censor) I've taken a cue from another "patriot" from "CCC". I will be talking about everything right and wrong in Kentuckiana . I hope after your visit here , you leave knowing a little or a lot more , before your visit and it is of help to you and the ones you love and care about. The adult warning is because , I do have "tourettes" syndrome , which flares up from government workers (an oxymoron) , "Counterfeit Christians", "Fake Handshakes and "Gangstalkers", like "Jerry's Kids" ...I do want to credit Abbyanana62 , for the idea to do this and wish her husband a speedy recovery and good health to all, so.."Stay Vigilant"..Karl

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