Thursday, September 9, 2010

Karen's Case ,more Judicial Tyranny....Conspiracy-R.I.C.O.

Jdg(Satan) Simpson has furthered the conspiracy of his soulless coven , he denied Earharts motion for "investigation" of judicial misconduct as per Simpson's "routine" . If I ever have to appear in the Gene Snyder court house , this post will automatically   be grounds for recusal and the "Clean Hands" doctrine cause I know it's a fact Jdg's Heyburn , Simpson ,Boggs and Martin have been sued by Bradford Metcalf for R.I.C.O. , Bivens Act ..etc.etc and Dave Whalin's their "Bitch" too ,none the less , to summarize , they're all "TRAITORS" and should be arrested by that "Crooked " "traiter" Sheriff John Aubrey , the've all violated their oath to the Constitution both state and federal .The only possible way Karen can get a "fair" trial it seems is in Chicago with Blagoivich's lawyers and jurors or Karen having a trial in New York , with old respected judges on both sides of the "bar"...gotta stay vigilant..everyone !       Karl

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