Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heart Health... Lovasa, USANA and Dr J.Rx 2 months later..

It's been nearly 2 months since I started taking Dr J Rx and I must admit I do feel better for its use. My blood pressure is down 20-30 points on the high end and 15-25 on the low end . My mood is improving and the "pounding" pulse in my right ear is almost half as bad as before taking this supplement . I'm sure if I can stay the course of treatment that I might be able to reverse a lot of the damage of "bad" food habits and minimal exercise , that has accumulated over the years . I don't have a lot of money and this 1st bottle of Dr JRx , I had to finance it ! But , it was worth the $80 investment in my health. So all you readers , if you have high blood pressure and arterial problems , depression and skin problems . I would recommend this product , when some people stop taking prescribed Lovasa and take this product without a prescription , that should mean something . good health to all....celebrate Jesus this month and always journey well ..your friend..Karl

PS. (12th)  I will be paying for that 1st bottle (which worked out to about a $1.25 per day) and buying my 2nd bottle for the next 60 days and later I'll tell you of a "scam" there running in "all" the county jails....till next time....take your  t i m e and remember...."journey healthy , wealthy AND neighborly....Karl

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  1. I must add here that I stopped using this product after discourse with the "distributor" of this ? ...I cannot in good conscience recommend this to anyone anymore, the person that distributes this doesn't have the liability insurance to pay for damages should this product cause irreparable harm and him are no longer friends and that's the end of that...buyer beware !