Saturday, December 4, 2010

Indiana 's GO(o)D .VS...EVIL"e" an example of a "Gangstalked " PROTESTANT...(By the way , I'm all for Protestant Sep "dude' " )

To those of you not familiar with the "auteur" of these videos, his name is Stephen Micheal Schafer and he has spent time in prison for destroying Masonic property. He has also threatened me and my family numerous times with physical violence as he has done yet again in the comments on this video. He fears what he does not understand. You can see him being taken to jail on his video called the Bustin G Party.
-The Widow's Son of a Widow's Son
  • Face the facts....I wouldn't waste my time, your not really that important....probably suffering from your delusions of gradure, however, I also warned Indiana Governor Frank Obannon...I didn't threatebn, as I explained to the FBI who invited me to talk to them about my warnings....The Gov. should have listened....he's no longer with us. Get it? You'll know when I threaten.'ll see me while looking in the mirror, then it will be to late. Be careful who you provoke, it ain't no game

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