Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Attributed to C.L.

murder in Louisville

Date: 2010-12-01, 

What's most frightening is the overwhelming number of murders each year in Louisville, particularly this past year. I think of 4-5 other cases just off the top of my head that involved nothing to do with sexuality. Remember the young boy shot who was throwing rocks? Who here would like to post something derogatory about him? Does he deserve to be in his casket for throwing rocks moreso than a boy who was homosexual?

It's funny, because when the "Craigslist Killer" was in the news, people would then post derogatorily about the females who were killed, using hate terms associated with sexually active, heterosexual females. Now here we are, with another CL related murder that inolves a homosexual boy. Keep in mind people, you're only aware of that one trivial detail due to the media releasing it. You wouldn't know, otherwise. Would you have something horrific to say if it was on different terms...such as...the kid going to buy something listed for sale? I've sold several items in the last year, where buyers came to look/purchase. In each case, with anyone, at anytime...risk is involved. I don't agree with the kid's choice, either (without saying I agree/disagree with his sexuality)....but what of this man who killed him? What have you to say of HIM? Those brought up with manners would know that doesn't do well for you to speak of the dead, on such hateful terms.

How many of you are aware of a similar case, one that involved a couple in old Louisville this past year? This wasn't associated with CL. This couple lived together in a house in the area, and had a friend who visited. The couple suspected their guest had something with him which they wanted. They killed him, in order to rob him, and buried his body in their basement -- they put his body in a plastic container, and buried it under a dirt floor. The body lay undiscovered for about 8 months, I believe, before the authorities learned. The media also released impertinent information about these people, none of which changes anything about the end result: someone was murdered. Hetero, homo, does not matter.

In this country, and of all that is wrong in this country, I'm grateful to know that justice doesn't look upon incidental things such as personal lifestyles. Although our media will sensationalize anything, it is a fact that it is NOT RIGHT to kill. The culprit will pay, in some way, hopefully the same price he made this boy pay. I say this because I learned today that a woman in Iran was hung, for being a "mistress" (as called). Are you aware, people, in that part of the world, people die everyday under the hand of their government for lifestyles? Or...they die if they live according to their lifestyle or their sexuality. There is no one on this earth that can say he or she agrees with that, even if you don't agree with whatever personal choice you 'might' be aware. Put the case: that one day heterosexuals 'could be' the minority, thinking could be much different.....perhaps heterosexuality could be viewed as such that some think death in order....for producing kids they can't pay for, or...whatever. That's fucked up all around, as much as it is to say this kid deserved to be murdered.

Life is a GIFT. From whom or what you believe your gift of life came, a gift. Lest a person kill another, no one "deserves" to die early at the hands of someone else. I think that becasue everyone has computers and the net now days....everyone using one will type out things that are vulgar, and not even a reflection of their true feelings. It's just an attempt to rouse other users. The definition of this is "internet troll." A "troll" isn't one who posts continually, it's a poster who trys to start shit by saying things they know will prompt a particular response from others. I think people who do such as that are whimpy, wet noodle, losers who wouldn't dare open their mouth to anyone in real life, about anything. They scapegoat on here, and express their aggression by saying horrific things.

I'm looking very much forward to Christmas Day this year. WHY? :) Because MANY of you leeches will have your government hand outs cut off!! Unaware? Look it up, decision has been made. Good luck to you. "Luck" -- when nothing else can help you. Many of you leeches will be without many things, including the net. That's my Christmas gift.


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