Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google searched ! Arthur Phillip Adkins-Arthur Phillip Adkins Jr.- Nathan Samuel / Childplace-John Schnatter- Dawn Elston - Nathan Masingo

                                                            Arthur Phillip Adkins                     a self"avowed" "SATAN WORSHIPER" !

"Now this "IS" the "Biological" father of Mathew Phillip Adkins AND Brandy Nicole Adkins  ...and NOT the "biological" father of Arthur Phillip Adkins .Jr .

..."this is "Matt" and Brandy at Christmas in 1993 at my house".....
This "IS" Arthur Phillip Adkins Jr.....he "IS" NOT the "Biological" son of Arthur Phillip Adkins...."so , come on "Nick" it's time to be "Honorable" , it's NOT going to "kill" you... and the sooner , the better , keeping secrets WILL catch up with you , and IF the ones that truly love you as they say they do , then they WILL forgive and "STAND BY YOU"...don't you believe in JESUS ? ...what do you want for your "baby" to believe , surely not the "DEVIL" ... 

2nd page ...3rd result..."Remember NATHAN SAMUEL ,when you had Arthur Adkins Jr. adopted "OUT" from Childplace and his mother "CAME BACK " and got her son BACK ! 1986...and when you had Mathew Adkins at Childplace in 2007...MAKE SURE YOU DON'T "SHRED" THE EVIDENCE , I'VE GOT MINE !

...2nd page 1st result _______________________________________________ 



  "A Boy And His Dog"
("Matt" &"Fraulein"1992)

..Ms Stacy Gilbert , please , don't be like Kathy Danner , a "MALFEASANT" , or Rupert Strawbridge , a "pissed-off" P.O that's mad cause he has to carry around a "cup of piss" , I was right , he is "burnt out" and has a "chip on his shoulder" , he just won't admit it .

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