Sunday, October 10, 2010

Timothy Kutzberger Junior!

...Got paid a visit by the Jefferson County Sheriffs last night about 1:30 am , they said they were looking for Tim Kutzberger for "A.W.O.L. ! " from the "Army" . How can this be with their "Eagle Eye"and their "INTELLIGENCE ?" AND SOPHISTICATED WEAPONRY and "How LONG has Tim been AWOL ? I've known him since January 2008 . Anyways I've got witnesses to more about Tim's "profile". But , the "Sheriffs" were "duped" into doing "The Army's work". Of course like a "good citizen" I complied when they "asked"(harassed and intimidated) (it was Saturday night with 3 killings down here("WestEND"!) "obligatory  "search" ("recon") took look in all possible "hiding places for "a man on a mission" . I wonder what Tim's Army "Legend" says about him? Stay tuned my people for I feel like a big "Editing" against my writings and phone conversations I've had is about near .......PLEASE READ the LINKS and the Gov't "Watch Dog" websites I've  posted on my FACEBOOK page at Karl Von Schmidt.  That's the 3rd time I've been paid a visit by sheriffs (2x) and police (LMPD 1x) ..seems like an "annual culling of "info' on dissidents /patriots /constitutionals and nationists..particularly of the last months and days and now hours is the "Oath Keepers" and them referred to as a "militia" "group" ! , as opposed to what the "Carlyle Group" ?   

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  1. Is that guy related to you Karl? Did he really go AWOL and why?