Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Devils "Indy" details...

Protestant Separatist Official Site:


I wondered , "Why the Hell is there so much Satanic behavior in the Hoosier state" and then I stumbled upon this site . Indiana supplied most the granite and limestone for the construction of Washington D.C. and you have politicians like Mitch Daniels , Dan Quayle , Dick Luger , Orin Hatch , Dan Coats and many more "Masons". That's why J.F.K. was assassinated , because he "grew" a conscience about "secret" societies running/ruining America . don't get me wrong , EVERYONE of Kentucky's politicians are of the same "reptilian" blood .The "secret" papers of "The Apotheosis of Indiana" and Washington were in the  sculptures studio that got hit by the engine off the airplane that hit the Empire State Building , coincidentally the time the airplane hit the Empire State Building was 9:49am , which was very close to 9/11 and the same time World Trade Center Tower 1 was hit . But , whats of significance here is the "Secret Papers" in Henry Herings studio regarding the "Apotheosis of Indiana" that supposedly were destroyed and "no other copies exist" , yeah right ! And that's the "gods"(?) honest truth ! (again I ask "who's god"?)

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