Thursday, November 18, 2010

It gets worse , not better...C.L. Rants and Raves

Screw young people (Everywhere)

Date: 2010-11-15, 3:18PM

Yep, if you're under 25 - SCREW YOU. All young people these days do is get on Facebook, Twitter, and text on their phones like a bunch of brain dead idiots. I'm 21 and I'm sick of how stupid everyone my age is. Can't sit for five seconds without pulling that phone out to text on it. The way people stare as if they are going to drool is PATHETIC. People look with their mouth hung open like you could imagine them going "DUURRRRRRRRRRR" as they stare at their phone. The stupid little whores click with their fake fingernails all over those buttons lightning fast - because my God Becky just broke up with Justin! Now she has to tweet that too, and update her Facebook wall! Oh, and text some other friends too. Because being socially connected makes you have a social life! WRONG, how is it sociable to tell everyone you know everything you do? Keep it to yourself - write in a diary or a journal. No one cares what shoes you just bought, no one cares if class is boring, no one cares what you're going to do after class, no one cares that you're on the bus and it's in traffic. Shut. Up.

That's something I think these people are never told, but really need to get the hint. SHUT UP! Stop walking into a nice quiet area on your phone and talking loud as if to imply you're important. You're not, you're just a rude idiot and that's all anyone thinks of you. It's not 1990 where having a cell phone was rare. Everyone has them, and no one cares what you have to say on yours. Stop driving and talking on your phone, you run off the road, forget turn signals, and generally violate so many traffic laws because your brain is too tiny to multitask - so stop doing it. How many news stories of "Teen dies in crash after texting" do you need before you'll stop? None of you have anything important enough to be talking about anyway. You're not businesspeople with stock portfolios, you're not a CEO who needs to discuss an upcoming meeting - you're a dumb kid who thinks it's necessary to blather on about the latest ball game you went to or what your friends said to you or where your friends should meet up to do the prior later in the day.

What do people who take laptops to college do? You'd think take notes for their classes that they're in. NOPE!!! It's so they can get on Facebook! Because that can't wait, it's DIRELY important to stare at your Facebook wall all day long - because you're so social if you just talk to people on your the latest pictures of you with all your girlfriends wearing big stupid looking glasses sticking your tongues out (Coolest thing to do, btw!) or talk about how much you love Glee and playing Farmville. My God, you people aren't even unique. Most of you are so stereotypical that it's pretty much not a stereotype to say most young people just sit around and stare at their laptop, play with their cell phone non-stop, and generally have no personality other than regurgitating everything you hear or see back to other people. That's not being sociable - that's called being a parrot. Except parrots are probably smarter than your average young person - who partakes in brilliant ideas like texting and walking (Sometimes while crossing the street - genius isn't it?), texting and biking (Look mom, no hands - well on the bike anyway, I'm busy texting that I'm riding my bike and texting!), texting and driving (Because hey, driving a car is no big deal - just lay back and chill, send a text while you're driving, it's a cinch! Maybe text while you're operating a train, or a crane - be inventive!) talking about how drunk they got the other night and "Ha ha ha it's so funny, I don't remember anything" - hilarious!

Take heed, for the future is doomed. Everyone in your 30's and beyond - stop and think for a minute. Look at what young people do in your daily life when you go out somewhere. You've seen it, probably been annoyed by it plenty. Now just imagine those people running the country. Yeah...scary thought isn't it?

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