Friday, November 26, 2010

Heart Health... Lovasa, USANA and Dr J.Rx

I've been taking this product for a month now and my blood pressure has been going down and I know it will take a little while longer to start getting the maximum benefits of this product . What has accumulated in my arteries over the years is not going to cure overnight but, doing nothing is being negligent to your "temple" . If you watch the comparison video ,you'll see that the Styrofoam cups represent "plaque" in your arteries . Keep in mind that people of the Artic region eat a lot of fish and are some of the healthiest people in the western world , because YOU'VE GOT to supply your self extra Omega 3 fatty acids to supplement your diet . Compare this product to Levasa(Trdmk) which costs $225-$275 a bottle plus a doctors prescription . This product is made from Anchovies that are pure and free of Mercury and PCB's .These bottles of 120 capsules are only $80 and you take 2 per day minimum , up to 4 a day if you are having heart problems . This product also contains vitamin C . Now I've never taken supplements till now because of my high blood pressure , because if I can keep from seeing a doctor and not have to "try" blood pressure medication and worrying about the side effects of the meds , whether or not they'll work or have to try several different ones . I'd rather try non prescribed supplements first and stay away from "wealthcare" .When you get older , you have to add supplements to your diet because nowadays the "poisonous" food you get does not digest properly , giving you the nutrients your aging body needs . Another plus to this product is , NO , you don't belch "fish" taste ! If your interested in this product you may email me or look up "DrJRx" on the Internet and call the number listed to purchase a bottle . Journey good health ...sincerely...Karl

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