Thursday, November 4, 2010

That "Gut-Feeling" ....a "False Flag"?

I've been on the Internet , doing some "checking up"on current "events". My friend says every time they send up the space shuttle , a "catastrophe" occurs . "THE" "LAST" shuttle launch was scheduled for 2 November 2010. It has been delayed till 4 November 2010 at approximately 5:30 am (GMT) . There has been also been reported earthquake activity ALL across the U.S. this week . Pay attention to how many people say they feel dizzy , vertigo and nausea . Obama and Co. are leaving for Mumbai , India around the 5th of November 2010 . I've been hearing rumors of "underground" activity in Wyoming for over a year now . And as you know the "Powers that Be" are fascinated by "odd" numbers , especially numbers 11 and 33 , well the exact opposite of 9-11 is 11-9 . Remember on my earlier post (Baby CHEYENNE and Oath Keepers) that I had this "BAD" feeling something bad was going to happen that will leave an effect on the world that will be 3x worse than 9-11. On my Facebook page , I read either Truthout or Butlin Cat's posts about the "3x" effect. Well the election "distraction" is all but over , the power party's are "still partying". Nothing "changed" YET ! Hoosiers remember the 2008 election and Hillary(she IS LUCIFERIAN)(Unlimited Access by FBI agent Gary Aldrich) bringing up the fact that "Magnequench" of Valpraiso was sold to the Chinese , the company makes "rare"earth magnets for "smart"(?) bombs . Military officials are only now conducting an inventory of where and how U.S. suppliers use the obscure but essential substances -- including those that silence the whoosh of Boeing Co. helicopter blades, direct Raytheon Co. missiles and target guns in General Dynamics Corp. tanks. I hope I'm wrong , nobody wants to be "right" on feeling a catastrophic world event is about to "happen" ! There are supposed to be 34 warships off the coast of India and 3000+ people and extra "aircraft" with vehicles and armory . He is about to face the issue about his "fake" birth certificate . I came across a "strange" but, bona fide case , I believe was filed in West Virginia , that addresses the issue of "citizenship" and if Obama got into the Presidency , let alone the Whitehouse , that crime would be so egregious that he would face the death penalty for being a "DOMESTIC ENEMY" and traitor of the united States (300 million corpus dilecti). Of course you been hearing about the bombs being found on UPS airplanes from Saudi Arabia and the bombs being attributed to "al quada" . I guess EVERY terrorist act is going to be attributed to "al quada", I think NOT ! If you want the"TRUTH" , you HAVE to SEEK  IT ! It will NOT be hand delivered to you ! The only way to prove the "Bible" a work of Non-Fiction , is for ME and MY people to be right ! The world as we "Knew" it HAS to END , I hate to say .  ....stay vigilant....and say your prayers...sincerely Karl

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  1. I was surprised that someone else thought about the whole 9/11 - 11/9 thing, I was thinking about the same thing, that something, don't know what, was going to occur. Oh well, we shall see.