Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sheriff John Aubrey ...Jefferson County Kentucky @ Louisville

I figure I'll put this in a public venue so as other constituents of yours can refer to this site and follow along . I intend on meeting with you , or one you delegate to assist me in exercising my 2nd Amendment right to "keep and bear "ARMS". I've already jumped through "ILLEGAL""hoops" to purchase the gun I already legally own . As you are well aware of the Constitution and its amendments that the 2nd Amendment "shall not be infringed upon", I've also been through the "carry conceal" "Program"(?) and had that "RIGHT" "infringed" upon by a corrupt judge , who had records destroyed , which was a FELONY and the "State" police also infringe upon that right ,because those records that were destroyed by a felonious judge , could have been used to HELP me "comply" with the "carry conceal" laws . I was told that since those records were destroyed , the remedy you require , is an affidavit from me stating the disposition of the "charges" that keeps me from (?) lawfully carrying an "ARM" (not FIRE-ARM) . I'm not ready to make a FEDERAL test case out of this yet , although in the future , when the moment presents itself , I will . I will be copying this in the form of a letter to be sent to you . I will be making a "BOND" CLAIM because of my Constitutional Rights being violated by "an act of Local (LOCO)government", please don't infringe on my rights and cause further harm to me . You are sworn to protect my Constitutional Rights , just as Don FitzGerald (who I voted for , if I was a felon , how would I be a registered voter ?) would have been fully aware of , as that was the platform he was running on . Even though I did not vote for you , never the less , I am still one of your "CONSTITUENTS". I pray you do the right thing in this pursuit of justice . As you know , even if I have a weapon on me for defense , it won't mean a thing if a "thug" with a gun has his OUT 1st . Your assistance in resolving this matter will be greatly appreciated and RESPECTED .    sincerely... Karl 

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