Thursday, November 18, 2010

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uspected exploitation of minors to the appropriate authorities

Israel ? (Louisville)

Date: 2010-11-16, 

Jews lived in the middle east for thousands of years, and peacefully existed with Muslims
till a bunch of european zionists showed up, started Israel and kept making it bigger and bigger
by stealing land from their neighbors, herding the people of Palestine into the West Bank and
Gaza Strip, which are just prison camps, after you stole their land. Now you want us to believe
that Muslims are a great threat to us? Muslims are 1/4 of the world you dumb ass, we should kill
1/4 of the world to defend Jews that are less then .001 per cent of the population?
It's funny you say that muslims are a threat to our western ways, when Jews are backward as heck.
Kosher meat is one of the most cruel practices, and some countries are now banning it.
Get this straight, Jewish religion is a backward religion. Saying God gave you that land is so stupid,
and you think that gives you the right to move from all over the world and steal it when the people
of Palestine lived there for thousands of years.
Sorry I don't believe in repressing Muslims 1/4 of the world to satisfy the stealing of land for .001
per cent of the worlds population, your fight is not our fight, and we won't kill 1/4 of the world to satisfy
your greed. Some people may not know it, but Muslims (Arabs) came up with the concept, of zero,
invented Algebra, stained glass, yes that stuff you see in Churches, and kept many scientific books alive
when the church was burning books during the Dark Ages. Always painting Arab Muslims as backward
is what Jews want to do, but say one bad thing about a Jew and you are "Anti-Semitic" funny how every
thing is slanted to favor the Jew. Jews may control the money but they sure don't have the numbers,
and if you've pissed off 1/4 of the world, meaning Muslims, sorry we are not here to protect you.
Soon other countries in the Middle East will have Nuclear Weapons, that Israel has and you guys
want us to fight a Nuclear War to defend you? You people don't even believe in Jesus, how is your
fight our fight? We should empty our wallets, put ourselves in debt, give up our sons to die for people
that call Jesus a "Bastard Jew?", what do you think we're fucking stupid ?
People are getting wise to these Zionist lies. of 1/4 of the world doesn't like you, maybe it's your
fault, we never had any problems with Muslims before Israel came along, a country that has been at
war since it fucking started, because of it's abuse of others, stealing land, even Christians are opressed
in Israel and insulted, spit upon and looked down on. If you're "Gods Chosen People" ask him to help
you, we're a little short of cash lately.
Oh and good luck fighting 1/4 of the world, let me know how that comes out.

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