Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Joe Kidwell..before the FBOP/Feds MURDER HIM !

...." my friend Joe Kidwell ("Joe Hemp Bank" of California) was due to be released on May 20th 2011, he was attacked roughly 90 days ago in Ft Dix FCI in New Jersey while in line to get his diabetic medicine by 2 "black" male "lifers" with... a sock with 2 padlocks inside it and the other attacker (assassins! REALLY..) had a broken mop/broomstick in an attempt to stab him, he was then put in SHU. He's been ILLEGALLY IMPRISONED for 7+ years as of May 20th, and now his sentence has been extended for 6 more months and I don't know if it's because I keep his cause in the public or if the prison is blaming the victim and adding 6 more months on his "time" without "due process"(trial) ..this amounts to "cruel and unusual" punishment and he should be released because of his BAD health condition...HE IS a POLITICAL PRISONER (please Google and read) there ARE NO VICTIMS in this CONSPIRACY TO ENTRAP Joe Kidwell back in 2003, probably because they can't do anything to his Federal Permits and Licenses to Legally grow and provide medical marijuana he "Grandfathered in"under the California and Federal "Compassionate use" law...so if anyone out there could help me find out why they are taking 6 more months out of his remaining short life....I will be writing letters to the FBOP,Dept of Justice(Eric Holder) Prez Obama , senator John Yarmuth,Etc...thanks sincerely ...Karl

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  1. Enjoyed your post. Your a friend a Joe?