Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nathan Masingo, Dawn Elston,Bitch Harlan and Magistrate William Dawkins Jdg Carmichael..

It must suck that when someone does a Google search for these TRAITORS  (except maybe Vicki Carmichael,Lonnie Coopers wife, unless she PROVES me wrong) that the first page results brings up my "blog" and the TRUTH ! I know a LOT about ALL you ALL , that should put you all in Federal prison for CONSPIRACY, I know ALL about the drug dealing out of Mick's Lounge when Papa John Schnatter was being supplied by Mathew Adkins dad(sic) , Arthur AdkinsArthur AdkinsThree day weekend baby, cut grass smoke a little grass drink some beer and cook on the grill
May 20 at 6:37am (check out all the Schnatters on Arthur Adkins Facebook page).You all graduated Jeffersonville High School in '79. I know about those trips to Cicero Chicago to pick up cocaine to pay the bills at Mick's Lounge in the early 80s. And think what you want Papa John , but I know one of the guys that did a roof on I believe your wifes house and Karen Sypher has also told me of some harassment from you and if you ,Rick Pitino and Timmy Sypher(puke) don't "whack" her (MURDER) , the Truth will make you un-free . My sources are your friends and supplier , Ole "crackhead" Arthur Phillip Adkins..or as I like to refer to him "Dick Cheese". Now what you gonna do murder my witnesses and me ? Ms Carmichael just because you , Dawn, and Mitch shared an office , does NOT make them your friends ! Like I said here come the witness and the defendants list . So to exercise my first amendment right ALL( except Ms Carmichael and Lonnie ) , go to HELL ! "Gangstalkers" PS: don't wanna leave out "Easyrider" Nathan Samuel - Jeffersonville Gov't = $$$$$$$$ = Children = $$$$$$$$ , so FUCK YOU too !(you remember Arthur Adkins and Mathew Adkins don't ya )

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