Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My invitation to what?....

Mon, May 23, 2011 1:39:01 PM
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   I got this email from a Mike Moore(?) , who's running from the truth and running for mayor of Jeffersonville, Indiana . I guess because I write about the politics "across the bridge" too . Well I guess this stems from my registering and being listed as a "follower"(reader) of Abbysnana's "Blog" . We both USED to be "members" of Clark County Chatter of Indiana AND we were both CENSORED before being TERMINATED, I don't know why Abbysnana was banned but, I do know why I was (I have the emails from Supermike printed of course) for the subjects about "Gangstalking" , Charles Schlund , The Black Pope , Your IQ, do you know yours and Loco Politics under the "avatar" GMBz/GreenMtnBoyz . I called ALL the people that kept assailing me everytime I posted on CCC , "Jerry's Kids" or the "Circle Of 13". Supermike did give some good advise on the book "BORN IN BLOOD" , which is about the "Freemasons" , in which that is what Indiana government is "infiltrated" with . (see http//wn.comProtestantsep)  MikeSeesItAll has the Masonic overtone of the "Eye of Horus" . Now to some FACTS , Mike Moore left the Democratic Party because that would have put him toe to toe with Tom Galligan , the "other" "Democrat". He would have lost , because Galligan wields a lot of political power, (Aka: favors,abusive power,bribes, deals, vote fraud (remember Ron Simpson as Special Prosecutor for Waiz) . Now Mike switching parties is equal with being a TRAITOR and anybody that votes a straight party ticket is mentally retarded and should not vote for everybodys safety . Mike also wields a lot of political power based on his "Politico" family , being a former council member and powerful LAWYER connections . I'd really like to know why Matt Owen "bowed" out of the mayoral race but, I guess we will never hear the real truth to that as that's how REPUBLICANS are , if he's a "Lewis" , he'll never admit that..."can anyone help the widows son"? Obama's preacher said it "Wright" , Mike Moore IS a "Politician",too ! Websters Dictionary defines politician as ..."frequently used in a derogatory sense , with implications of seeking personal or partisan gain , scheming , opportunism ,etc....scheming-adjective:Given to or involved in making secret and underhanded plans..noun: The activity of making such plans . Reading about Mike Moore's controversy , where he attended a baseball game and upon admittance , he was charged $5 and it was alleged that he threw the money in the kids face that was at the entrance, watching this "tit for tat" transpire on CCC was very immature to say the least . Moore to come , so in closing for now , to keep voting for the same party/straight party ticket that makes things progressively worse is insane or like I said retarded . Now unlike my new public "enema", I won't be "censoring" all comments , I let it all "hang out", so if you got something to say , don't be afraid to say it. ...Jeffersonvilles only chance to really change anything is to vote INDEPENDENT, at least you'll know what you won't get, just the opinion of someone that cares even though I don't live there . ..so, stay vigilant , especially come November....Karl

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