Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do all governors fuck over their families besides voters(sheeple) ?

Lets see , Paul Patton fucked up Tina Connors, Fletchers a "quack" murderer, Schwarzenegger , we knew was a "whoremonger", the governor on the Appalachian Trail via Argentina, Jeb Bush goes without sayin', Mitch Daniels(a closet Syrian,Eli Lilly dope-dealer) Huckabee((snake oil salesman)those governor's that bought the CEO of US of "Amorica"...and now KY JELLY proves how corrupt and backword it is by choosing "liars"(lawyers and a "stupid as a brick" washed out basket-"baller") and for a bonus you decide which one is a queer AND criminal...so much for "cleaning house" !

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