Friday, May 6, 2011


 Joe Kidwell , founder of "JOE HEMPS FIRST BANK" of Los Angeles , a POLITICAL prisoner , like "TOMMY CHONG"( "Chong Bongs") and Ed Rosenthal ( Marijuana Growers Guide )  is due to be released on May 17th of 2011 . He's been in the SHU unit after an attempt was made on his life when he was in"med line" to get his diabetic medicine , he was attacked by two (2) "black" "lifer's"hit, in the BACK of the head with a sock with two padlocks and beat and attempted stabbing with a broken broomstick handle, it's supposedly "under investigation",the FACT is the prison is to afford "equal protection"under the Constitution , even in prison , Especially if you were set up by a prosecutor , a lawyer and a judge to "test" a new California Law and it goes awry and your the ENTRAPPED "Sacrificial  Lamb"in L.A. and wind up UNLAWFULLY IMPRISONED FOR WHAT THE STATE  AND  FEDERAL GOVERNMENT  LICENSED HIM TO DO ! Eight and half years (102 months, GONE !) . I recently had the book "The Criminal Defendants Bible" by Michael Halsey Brown and to quote Joe,"they do not like "it" at all"! ...they wont even let him read it in the hospital unit in SHU , though he can receive legal mail and paper and envelopes , stamps and denials on VALID TORT CLAIMS . So please "Mr Lawmen" DON"T MURDER JOE between now and the time he comes home we people know and love him and care for his health and welfare . You prison officials are "guilty" of inhumane treatment( cruel and unusual punishment while in your custody ) of an injured man for the last 90 days of his sentence , he should have got a medical release as soon as the same day of the attack , JOE NEVER HURT ANYBODY ENOUGH TO DESERVE  to ever go to prison for such a victimless crime , shame on ALL you responsible for this human rights violation , hopefully justice , or karma will prevail....stay vigilant and Welcome Home "Joe Hemp" ...Karl

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