Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Cheyenne and Oath Keepers..

I have a bad ,bad feeling that with the Oath Keepers and the 3% er movement gaining momentum and the exposure of the "racket"of the bank using illegal "evidence" (the note on your house YOU signed and they cant produce at court)...(ALWAYS sign contracts or agreements in BLUE or RED ink AND with UCC1-308 , to RESERVE YOUR RIGHTS ! ) to foreclose and make our citizens homeless . That the government is going to pull another George H.W.Bush/Clinton/Reno/McVeigh domestic terrorist attack AGAIN as a reason to quell dissenters of the "REGIME" and further infringe on our 1st and 2nd amendment rights .Government militia good , citizen militia bad, NOT! that's not what they had in mind with the CONSTITUTION . People ,read your Constitution AND King James bible  (even with its "defects") every day if you can. They are guides to conduct ourselves as CHRISTIAN soldiers against Luciferians/Khazar's/Bolsheviks that have infiltrated OUR government . This government is the DOMESTIC enemy ,we need not be in other countries ,unless invited , I know since the Internet , the boundaries have become 'blurred" but we have got to stay the course and "abolish" this Unconstitutional form of government . Remember the the 2nd amendment states that the "the right to keep and bear ARMS (Doesn't say FIRE-ARMS) shall NOT be infringed and a MILITIA being NECESSARY for a FREE state...for now ...stay vigilant and more soon ,the lord lets me !

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