Monday, October 18, 2010

In the Interest of Justice for Daniel Cobble

Daniel Cobble (United States Navy Veteran) a man who swore to protect the Constitution with his LIFE. Now if you go to "" where I uploaded some of his documents , you'll see some of what he relates as to being "informed" of a "conspiracy" to have him "murdered by the "Power Elite".Daniel Cobble "pissed" the "court" off by "tarring the steps of the Gene Snyder court" because they will not let him "litigate" his "prima fascia" cases under the Constitutional Rights he defended for country and citizen . I've the distinct honor to become friends with this honorable man . I sat with him at his table during the "Kangaroo Trial" he had ,whereupon he was convicted by a "retarded" jury of "peers" , bullshit ! Charles Simpson as I said is a tyrant and if he is in "on the know " of this plan to murder Daniel Cobble , well then he's worse than a tyrant ! Daniel Cobble has a $557 million dollar "lien" against the United States , through a "Perfected" Federal Tort Claim for unlawful imprisonment and Constitutional Rights violations.The government WILL have to address this claim AND settle it as they are liable PERIOD ! Daniel knows that the court is the battlefield , the judge the enemy and the lawyer  the enemy "spy". I pray that Daniel has the backing of the "lord" and the people , I have his back ! ..stay vigilant my people ! ......GMBz...

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