Monday, October 25, 2010

Lawyer Dawn Elston Jeffersonville Bio...= GreenMtnBoyz "Blog"

Hello Dawn and Nathan Masingo . I see that someone might have told you 2 about me here . Someone did a Google search with the 4 words from the title and wound up here .  I hope because I've exposed my experience with you 2 , (and not all , as you've seen here)  that if you abuse your alls POWER and POSITION to inflict cruel and unusual punishment on Mathew Adkins . That would be a violation of a lot of laws and subject you both to criminal charges at least . Retaliation and Malfeasance ( using a lawful process for an unlawful purpose ) is "GANGSTALKING" . I know you ALL "hate my guts " and that is a mutual feeling . As I know the politics of your alls "sovereign elitist" world . Again using what I say here , to abuse the law to "torture" Mathew is illegal . I hope you take heed to this posting , there's others "WATCHING" too !.....Karl


  1. Nathan B Masingo Played Judge again last night in Charlestown City Court. Man are there some dumb people in this world. I guess they don't realize I'm issuing warrants for their arrest when they don't show for court. Come on people its a misdemeanor court. Just show up.
    September 16 at 4:15pm

  2. Nathan B Masingo As an Attorney people lie to me all the time. You would think I would get better at knowing when.
    September 13 at 3:27pm

  3. Nathan B Masingo It seems like everyone around me has mental issues, but I guess it could just be me.
    December 1, 2009 at 8:44

  4. Clark County Juvenile Detention is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of incarcerated youth in Southern Indiana...and we do very well, but this page is primarily for the crazy people we call staff/family that deserve recognition!!

  5. ALL THESE QUOTES ARE FROM DAWN ELSTONS AND NATHAN MASINGO"S FACEBOOK PAGES....Karl went to the Facebook pages and copied and pasted them here!
    LifeSpring Inc., Mosley, Bertrand, Jacobs and McCall, Clark County Youth Shelter, Clark County Juvenile Detention Center

  6. About Nathan Defending our Constitution on a daily basis.
    ...this "is" on Nathan Masingo's Facebook page and it "is" an ABSOLUTE" lie . More reason to hate my guts but , I'm not a "LIE-YER"..and I haven't violated anybody's Constitutional Rights by presenting to represent them when a lawyers 1st allegiance is to the judge and the court .