Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In The INTERST OF JUSTICE for KAREN SYPHER ......'the middle of the "perfect shitstorm"

Thanks for stopping in to "check up" whats going on in my life , I hope to write a book to take this to the next level and  probably a "Hunter S Thompson"/"Gonzo Journalism" type sort of read . Probably if you've read all I've posted here , "it's lookin' to be the " means to a way to an end" ..A demise to my publishing life  , rights and career , for testifying to  you all that I have studied and proven , that all these cases as "prima fascia" cases against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , INC. LLC - UCC -USC- CFR-NRO-FBI-F.C.C.-U.S.MARSHALL'S-U.S.ARMY-JEFFERSON COUNTY SHERIFFS-L.M.P.D-ALL JEFFERSON COUNTY JUDGES (except the following Honorable Judges Virginia Whittinghill ,Honorable Joan Byer , and Honorable Stephen Ryan) and any and all subsidiaries and "quasi"-"tri"?-"bi"-"FUCK's" . The following cases I have proven over a period , from 1997 when "I WENT ONLINE", till now , with "do diligence and "gumshoe investigation" , that the story the "feds"(?) have on  Karen Sypher "IS" wrong , you'll hear the truth from her now about "the "racket" at the "federal (?) "courthouse" beginning tomorrow on out , if they don't  execute her "C.I.A. style" before then , if Jim Faller gives me permission , I'd like to share with you , the way I know , about the integrity , of this honorable man of the people , who speaks facts and TRUTH ! , that helps when the "real" victims of the "( sovereign power "corporate "elite") get abused a second time around , by the judiciary....Jim Faller is with/on U.S. Justice , (the news portrays him as a lawyer , (he's not  , he's better) , just because  , he shows up to turn in paperwork regarding Ms. Sypher( gonna help her get rid of that Sypher appendix asap !)..I highly recommend reading US Justice , Kentucky citizens( really EVERYBODY !) .The case Karen has against PITINO AND  TIM SYPHER AND DANA KOLTER AND JIM EARHART , ALL ARE "PRIMA FASCIA " CASES .  The case of Charles August Schlund III( U.S.M.C.)(deceased January 2010)  VS George W. Bush  , Please , read the Federal "complaint and affidavit A.S.A.P , as I intend on expounding on these cases and more , IT "IS", whatever definition of "Clinton's" you choose to use , or the "real" one , ARE  PRIMA FASCIA CASES , the cases I've pursued  are all "Bona Fide". The Daniel Cobble cases are "bona fide", I don't think he realizes the type of case he has , is a "Whistle blower" case , against BEN BERNANKE AND GEORGE W. BUSH ( the ROTHSCHILD-KHAZAR-LUCIFERIAN..."can't prove he ain't , can't he ! )  , Please read the Federal complaint that's part of why he has a $557 + Million  lien against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , INC LLC". Tomorrow , "Hope to God" , to post something "Golden" to me , , some thing I've been trying to get and post for 10+ years  , if you want to get a better idea where I'm coming  from and going with all  this , please read .Skolnick's . I recommend recording "ALL that "EVIDENCE" should you find yourself in a "FEDERAL(?) "COURT" ."don't be surprised if the government uses the ILLEGAL , STATES SECRETS defense!...I mean right now , at 11:30 pm on Channel 11 on "Nightline , there talking about corrupt STATE government here "Lobby-ing and "Partying..."BOPTROT STYLE" EVERY  DAY !..AND JACK ("CON-ur-Way) CONWAY , you are transparent government , your a "FUCK N" LOW LIFE, too! ...I know about you too !  .....  stay vigilant and  journey well my "Christ" like friends out for the "devils"..AND DEVILS , "STAY THE FUCK OUT of HERE! KHAZAR'S , TOO!.."ya know what I'm talk n' bout"...Karl

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  1. I've updated about Jim Faller, we had a "semi-feud" , I found out he's a dishonest "conman" that's done time....He's lied to me and apparently he's told Karen NOT to speak to me, so be it, If you look in the latest postings on this "blog" you see where I outed him as an agent for the "government" ,but he'll just lie about that, and NO agent of the government will claim him as theirs , but that's a LIE too ! FAIR WARNING! JIM IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR LIFE, from my personal experience..stay vigilant ...Karl